We Bought the Most Futuristic Car Products on Amazon

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If you’re watching this channel chances are that I mean I like old cars, He likes old cars, but sometimes you want the high-tech comforts of a brand new whip. We ordered a bunch of super high tech parts off of Amazon and we’re going to completely modernize our $ 500 Mark 3 Jetta, our $ 500 Mark 3 Jetta And then we’re going to decide if these actually come from the future or if we’re going to kick Them back to the past, I’M joined by a resident technology expert Jeremiah Burton I’m James, and this is . We Bought the Most Futuristic Car Products on Amazon

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So don’t be loco in your cabeza. Muchacho Register today to use code donut for 10 % off your first ticket at offtherecord.com/donut. ( car engine revving up ) Just before we get into it. Why don’t you just go ahead and hit that, like button tells YouTube that we’re doing a good job?

Without further ado, let’s get into the future, There’s nothing more futuristic than fricking lasers, So we can’t do a video about the future unless we got ourselves some lasers. This is a dual that means. 2. All right Motion activated parking assistant, Zento Deals park right assistance. Car motion LED light garage parking sensor guide.

360 degree laser adjustment, premium, quality, (, Jeremiah and James laughing ), So it hangs in your garage like this and then you adjust these little lasers Sort of like a futuristic tennis ball. ( laser sound ), Yeah, ( Jeremiah and James laughing ) [, Jeremiah ], Okay, so we’re gon na set up the perfect parking spot. Okay right there, [ James ], Okay, perfect [, James ]. So can you put a little X on it? Can we mark an X on the spot?

Okay, perfect? Okay. So when I lined the laser up to there, I know I’ve parked perfect [ Jeremiah ], You know you’ve parked perfect ( car engine running ). Do do do long, commute long day at work. (, Jeremiah, giggling, ), [, Jeremiah ].

Stop stop! Stop! Stop stop stop. Did it turn off [ Jeremiah ]? No!

No! You missed it. ( People laughing ) – Oh it’s right here, ( Jeremiah laughing, ), [, Jeremiah ] Turn it a little Other way: ( Jeremiah and James laughing ) [ James ]. It’S really fun [ Jeremiah ]! There you go there.

You go [ James ]. I mean that was so convenient [ Jeremiah ] For the garage [ James ], Oh sorry, ( James chuckles ). I can see that being pretty useful in a garage situation. You just put it up, set it forget it [ Jeremiah ]. I don’t know I liked it It did a good job Yeah As advertised Good product.

It is welcome to the future ( twinkling music ), Something that a lot of modern cars have, including that BMW over there is a heads up display. I don’t have time to be looking down at all kinds of gauges. I got to keep my eyes on the road. My neck doesn’t move well like this No, you are, you had a fuse ( Jeremiah giggles ) Yeah [ James ], So this thing has 3.6 stars out of 5 This is a tiny display.

We Bought the Most Futuristic Car Products on Amazon

It shows your cardinal direction: tech, speedo and clock All useful information, (, Jeremiah laughs, ) There, the positives end ( Jeremiah gasps, ), [, James ]. It’S so badly delayed that it really isn’t useful for around town driving speeds. Already, we’ve run into a snag with the Jetta It doesn’t have anywhere to plug this in So we’re going to go, try it out on Jeremiah’s Camaro Man is, this, have for the seat, goes in ( Jeremiah laughing ) [, Jeremiah ] Yeah. What Car huds head up display blah blah blah [ Jeremiah ] Max is the worst instructions. Ever. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

I can’t figure out where to put this [ Jeremiah ]. Oh there we go Okay, there we go [ James ], Yeah, Okay, so now it’s really good, But look okay! It’S not a heads up display! It’S a reflection of a clock on your windshield ( display beeps ). What was that ( Jeremiah and James laughs )?

What was that? It just blew a fuse in your car, Alright, Now normally with something like this, I would assume that I’m not smart enough to install it, but Jeremiah is here and Jeremiah is smart, and this thing straight up stinks. If we had more time to fiddle with it, we could probably figure it out, But at the end of the day, I’m trying to think like why I would want this Yeah a heads up display is cool, but I often wonder why ( Jeremiah laughs ). No thank you. Kick this boy back to the past ( background drum beat music ) A lot of modern cars have cordless phone charging, and now we can put it in our old car This is the AJSHGD R1.

This is the AJSHGD R1 Automatic clamping, 10 watt wireless charger car holder, smart infrared sensor, Qi, GPS, air vent, mount mobile phone bracket stand Qi, GPS, air vent, mount mobile phone bracket stand This one. Actually, I’m pretty jacked ( punching sound ), ( airplane engine, roaring, ), Yeah, Nice ( Jeremiah and James laughing ). What do you think the A in ASMR stands for ( James giggles )? Oh, this is much more comfortable Yeah. This is nice.

[, Jeremiah ], So it’s not really wireless (, James laughs, ) [, James ], No ( Jeremiah and James laugh ) [, Jeremiah ] Yeah. What is the point? Why do people lie to us? It’S not wireless, It also pulls the vent down. [ Jeremiah ] Right yeah You’d have to ( James laughs ) Here I’ll hold it.

Okay, Here we go ( car engine starting ), [ Jeremiah and James ], Nice [, Jeremiah ]. That is futuristic. Is it charging? It’S not ( Jeremiah giggles, ) [ James ], Wait just hold on to it. (, Jeremiah laughs, ) [ James ], Hold on to it little guy [ James ].

I think in in theory this could be a good product. I think the design is pretty fun, but in practice I don’t know what we were doing It just wouldn’t chill. Like maricela in her Amazon review, Don’t like it ( Jeremiah laughs, ). I’Ve got some notes to address, but it’s going back to the past [ Jeremiah ] Yeah. Can you also make something?

That’S actually wireless for us? Yeah, maybe they could like, if it still hooks up to the event they put a little fan behind it, that powers a little generator ( Jeremiah laughs, ) that powers your phone Yeah Jeremiah. What would you say is the worst part about the Jetta [ Jeremiah ] Uh The fact that it stinks inside. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it is a little stinky. It stinks smells like mildew. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

Luckily, the people at Maiseen are here to help With the car air purifier ionizer car air freshener, with USB car charger. 2-Port eliminate smoke smell pet and food odors for car in silver. The air purifier emits a light scent of ozone that smells similar to a summer. Rain shower Scent of ozone. The ozone products are illegal in California, So you’re not allowed to buy them, but Amazon.

Let us buy this one. I’M really curious why ozone is illegal, Isn’t the ozone good Like you’re, making more ozone [ James ] Yeah? I don’t know The reviews are really good. So I’m excited to go fire, this bad boy up, [ James ], Not going to lie guys a little nervous that we own a sentient laser now ( People laughing ) Okay. So if we want to use this we’re completely futurizing our car So We got to plug it into our ionizer.

This car rules (, Jeremiah laughs, ), (, suspenseful, music, ), ( James coughs, ) Right now. The smell of his Jetta is whooping. This things ass, (, Jeremiah and James laughs, ), There’s no match for the mildew ( James coughs. ) I mean like they said it might take a long time, [ Jeremiah ]. Do we just leave it in here?

Should we give it some time ( James coughs, ) come back to it. Yeah [ Jeremiah ], Yeah Yeah, so we’re going to leave this in there See if it helps defunck the Jetta a little bit, but I think it looks cool And I think it belongs in the future. (, twinkling music, ), Good job, Maiseen [ James ], If you watched our video where we reviewed Wish.com products, you’ll know that we are not new to slime. That claims to clean your car.

However, the Wish slime was too sticky and would leave disgusting residue wherever you dropped it. So what do we do? We went and got ourselves some good slime $ 7 worth This is the TICARVE cleaning gel for car detailing putty, auto cleaning, petty auto detailing gel detailed tools, car interior, cleaner universal dust, cleaner gel vent, cleaner keyboard, cleaner for laptop New Mmm [ James ] New Smells good It’S not used it’s brand new stuff. Last one smelled like straight up poison, (, Jeremiah laughs, ). We got a dusty car.

Now we got some slime. Let’S see if this guy works. You want to take a little each Yeah. Let’S take a little each. Why not ( slime clapping ) [ James ], Ooh, Ooh, Ooh Ooh [ James ], Ooh Ooh Ooh Some dirt right.

Most Futuristic Car Products on Amazon

There Look at that. All that goop Oh, I’m really kind of pretty grossed out Like I could vomit right now, ( Jeremiah laughs, ) James is got to go. I liked it [ Jeremiah ]. I liked cleaning up this. I think all in all, it’s a great product.

It really picked up all that disgusting crap from the Jetta. It’S so good. I had to leave because I was gon na throw up. I was going to straight up barf, That’s how good it is, And name 1 new luxury car that even has slime And name 1 new luxury car that even has slime Okay, (, twinkle music playing ) Staying on the keeping your car clean path. One thing that I always run into is like: where do I put all my trash? amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

You know I got ( Jeremiah laughs, ) tons of trash in my car So what do you do Jeremiah? Well, you get yourself Oudew, (, Jeremiah laughs, ). It makes driving safer and better. This is a car trashcan with the a lid new car dust bin diamond design, leak, proof, vehicle trash bin mini garbage bin for automotive, home office, kitchen bedroom 2 pieces gold. 2 pieces gold, It’S weird: it seems like a weird product to come in a 2-pack, (, Jeremiah, laughs ). We Bought the Most Futuristic Car Products on Amazon

This is the biggest hunk of shit, (, Jeremiah and James laughing ) Dude, the design is sick. What are you talking about? Dude James? This looks terrible, (, James laughs, ). Obviously, keep gum wrappers Mm-Hmm Straw, wrappers Mmm Receipts, Mmm, (, Jeremiah laughs, ), That’s about it!

Yeah, Okay, So while I acknowledge that having trash in your car is maybe a problem, It’S not a huge one And I think, there’s way easier and less goofy ways to solve that problem. (, suspenseful, music, ), Okay, so this last product is a complete surprise. Max, hasn’t told me what it is. We got. The car door LED projector lights, projector lights, 2 pieces constellation, welcome lights, universal wireless car door, LED projector, Gemini logo, light ghost shadow Gemini logo light ghost shadow Laser project lamp for all car models: Gemini (, James giggles ). We Bought the Most Futuristic Car Products on Amazon

You got a Gemini like a Zodiac sign, [ Max ]. That’S the surprise, [ James ], Okay. So How is it possibly closed? Max How do you close the door [ Max ]? I think you’re supposed to do it here or here [ James ], No way dude [ Jeremiah ].

How would you close the door it would smack it? [ Max ], I don’t know [ Jeremiah ] – Oh you can yeah you can Should I turn it on now. [ Max ], Yup [ James ] Can’t see Is that Nolan ( Jeremiah and James laughing ) Dude. Are they both Nolan? That’S amazing, [ Jeremiah ], That’s so funny!

Oh look at that. ( Jeremiah and James laughing ) [ James ], Hey Nolan, ( Everyone laughing ), [, Jeremiah ], So tiny [, Nolan ] – Oh that’s, trippy, Alright, courtesy door. Light Nolan face is a 10 out of 10 100 %, my favorite product. Potentially ever I had no idea. You could do this.

This is amazing and awesome and hilarious. At the end of the day, nice new cars are nice. New cars and old junky cars are old, junky cars They’re not comfortable, but you know what That’s why we like them, Get off our back: mom (, Jeremiah and James laughs, ). So last time we did one of these. We gave away some of the products to donut underground members. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

What is donut underground? Well, it is our membership program. You get a quarterly sticker, You get behind the scenes, content you get access to our discord, but we also do giveaways. So if you want to learn more about that, you can hit that join button down below or I’ll go ahead and put a link in the description. Jeremiah thanks for coming by Thanks for having me This was a tech.

Heavy show, ( James laughs, ) that I ( Jeremiah, laughs, ), So much tech, So much tech Hit that subscribe button. Please click the like button. If you liked this video, it really helps out. I love you ( upbeat music, ), Pop-Up up and down stickers. Pop-Up up and down stickers, [ Narrator, ] Stickers, Now available premium right now to go get them, while you still can do it on donutmedium.

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