I wasted $1567 on Amazon MYSTERY TECH!


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( tense upbeat, music ), All I saw was something — [ Ken ], Okay, Neo Flying out of the corner of my eye, to the point where I definitely just gave myself rug burn My hand is actually very red. I don’t know if you can see that, but this is what you did to me: Okay, that’s.. It’S much harder to open than I thought. Okay, I got it.

I told you it’s much harder to open than I thought ( laughing ). How dare you Nix Color Sensor: What’s the point of a color sensor, This table is brown. I learned that this table is brown Excellent. Hold on here, we’ll see that — What color’s my shirt Dark, yellow Let’S see what color is Mewtwo [ Matt ]. Did you know what colors are [ Ken ]?

It’S not gon na work. It’S gon na be too dark. [ Matt ]. You can’t ask the audience what color they are: Black, The camera’s black, Oh God, oh God. Oh God Got it.

What’S up The Aqua Shift, Xbox Series X controller Is that –? Are you about to tell me that this is gon na show up as aqua, [, Matt ], But what’s cool about these guys is that the grips are all unique? There’S no, two, that are alike Ooh yo that looks awesome, [ Ken ]. Oh I like that Wow And yet you can see that the grips you see how they’re very like it almost looks like it’s been like hydro dipped or something [, Ken ] Wait! No! I wasted $1567 on Amazon MYSTERY TECH

No! No! No My jeans [ Ken ], Oh Mystery Tech That was actually really gentle and kind. We have Mountain Oh okay, So Mountain is actually something we featured on the channel before They had that crazy modular keyboard that you could attach a number row. You could add like little dial, all kinds of stuff.

I guess they have more things: [ Ken ]. They say here in their press pack, 139 for the keyboard itself. Okay, [ Ken ] Keyboard and key caps together is 160, And I believe that the number pad that’s to the left of it, which is really cool because it hooks up magnetically and has connectors, is an extra 40 bucks. That’S a value proposition right there, Especially if this keyboard does sound as nice as I assume it would Ooh all right All right all right. Let me take a look at this.

Oh wow, ( keys, clanking, ) [ Ken ]. Oh I like that. Oh put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down. Wait, I’m curious, wait, Wait! Hey!

I wan na! Try it No next I’M first I’m first ( keys, clattering ), Okay, these pre-builts never sound that great, That great [ Ken ], That is probably the best sounding space bar I’ve heard from a pre-built [ Austin ], Oh yeah. This is on another level. You also have a number of switches here which I’ve got ta, say I’m more partial to the white and the green. I think [ Ken ].

I am too yeah. This is a little bit more of a Denki style. If I were to pick something [ Ken ], Oh no, no Denki colors are the ones that you want, but I’ll. Let you have your pick. No, it’s!

Okay, Honestly, I feel like there’s a Denki video in this. I’M actually gon na seal this up unless you have a crack at it. So I’ve typed on this. For a few minutes – and there are a few big takeaways For me personally, I’m a big fan of this layout. Now, of course, because it’s a 60 % keyboard, you are missing some things right, So you don’t have a function row and the entire thing has been shrunk down a little bit.

So one of the specific things they’ve done is they’ve shrunk. Your right shift to incorporate the ability of having full arrow keys For me totally fine, I’m a left shift boy. And having the arrow keys is something that I just can’t not have like. I just need that for any keyboard. I use As a fan of linear switches.

These feel great And honestly, head and shoulders above pretty much any pre-built keyboard that I’ve tried, because most keyboards do not have lubed switches. Most do not have great stabilizers and basically very few, have any kind of real sound dampening on the inside. If Mountain’s out here doing this and like Razer, isn’t I’m just saying [ Matt ]: What’s that laptop your using right there, Oh, is that a Razer Blade 15 that we just did a This Is on [ Ken ]. He did it [ Matt ] Wow [, Ken ]. He did the thing.

I wasted $1567 on Amazon MYSTERY TECH

[ Ken ] Wow he promoted This Is [ Matt ]. You can only see him slightly having an aneurysm right now, ( laughing off camera ). This is my Joker. Origin story is right. This moment right now, Hisense A7, high res audio.

Is this a phone [ Jared ]: This is an item. I found A Jared exclusive item, All right, I’m more excited now. So, let’s see what we got Is that a ( beep ) E Ink phone Say psych ( laughing ). Look how big this device is. This is an iPhone 13 Pro for context.

[ Ken ]. This was 750 imported from eBay, A lot of money. Okay, I know that E Ink tablets have existed. An E Ink phone, though, is wild to me. Can someone please explain to me why you want an E Ink phone [ Matt ] 12 days of battery life 12 days? I wasted $1567 on Amazon MYSTERY TECH

[ Matt ], I don’t know I made that up. [ Austin ] Wait. No, I wan na use the camera. How good is the camera [ Jared ] Camera’s, pretty impressive Wow? It’S got a built in black and white mode, ,’cause, all black and white [ Jared ], So I think the pictures are actually in color.

You just can’t tell until they’re off the phone Jared. I was joking. I know it’s in color, Okay, so let’s take a photo. So the problem with this, do you know how many shades of gray you have [ Ken ] 50 [ Matt ], You sprinted head on into that one ( laughing ) No way are you using? This is your main device.

This might be a cool like secondary burn –, I mean secondary device, But I’m gon na guess. This is running at about 10 frames per second While it’s fine for some people would still be better. If you bought an E Ink tablet, because then you could actually draw on it, and you have a little bit more to do. And plus you want the biggest screen possible just because you want to be able to see to read and everything thing like that. Oh boy Did I come into with –.

I went too far, — Hello, my friends, and welcome to sponsor of today’s episode of Mystery Tech, the NIU scooter N, I, U, The new NIU scooter, [ Ken ], Oh yeah, There you go [ Ken ]. Oh it comes assembled ( bike bell ringing, ) Jared. How fast can I go on the scooter, [ Jared ], 17 and a half miles an hour? You think I could run 17 and a half miles an hour: [ Matt ], No [ Ken ], Probably not no [, Matt ]. No, you cannot Five six seven, eight nine 10.

Amazon and Foxshopcenter Gadgets Review

16. 17 miles an hour there. So if you wan na get the maximum range, you can put it in E-save mode, which gets you up to about 10 miles an hour, But there’s also a bunch of cool stuff that you actually do with the app. Not only can you see your range and percentage, but you also can change things like the actual regenerative breaking which, just like an electric car means that you actually don’t have to use the friction brake all that often Now the other thing that’s nice about this. It has some serious range.

It’S about 40 kilometers in the E-saver mode. At like 10 miles an hour which I mean I could get to work with the scooter. So, if you’re ready to make life electric definitely be sure to go check out the NIU scooter at the link in the description, You can actually get yourself $ 30 off right now. Of course, big shout out to NIU for sponsoring this episode of Mystery Tech, ( box, falling ). Well, okay, at least you didn’t knock over my coffee.

Oh my God. That’S your — ( laughing )! That’S not what I expected! That’S so creepy whoa, The first ever mobile phone is now a real mobile phone [ Ken ]. Ah cute [, Matt ] Wait the eyes — The eyes move, Whoa [ Ken ] – Oh my God, ( indistinct, ), USB-C.

Yeah We’Re living in the future [ Ken ]. We actually bought this pre-order at launch. But it’s sold out immediately [ Matt ] Wait. Is it actually rotary [ Ken ]? It’S actually rotary!

Oh my God! Oh my god. It’S dialing, I dialed a number [ Matt Over Phone ], Hello, Oh my God, Matt! I’M talking to you on the telephone. It sounds like (, beep, ), [, Ken ], So dial (, beep, ) Ken don’t touch my phone ( police, sirens, blaring, ), Sylvania Optical Mouse and VoIP USB phone.

What the actual ( beep ) am I looking at So the idea is this is a mouse, but then you open it up and then you can do a VoIP call or Voice Over IP Wait where did you get this [ Ken ], It was a PO box. Someone sent this from — [ Ken ], Someone sent this yeah – Oh my God, Dear Austin, Ken Matt and everyone else. I’Ve been watching a channel for about a month now, and I wanted to send something for you to either have fun with or more than likely mock and make jokes at This is the item that I purchased at Goodwill for 5.99 that I intended to play around with Thanks for all your hard work and making entertaining video. I look forward to your future content.


Your fan Eric Eric thank you very much See. I have to deal with Mystery Tech from these guys and they just try to make fun of me all the time. This is legitimately awesome. [ Matt ], My favorite part about that letter is, he says, he’s been watching us for a month. He’S got us figured out to a tee — ( laughing ) In one month.

He’S got it down. [ Ken ] Right now you really look like the kid from Polar Express like the know-it-all kid What Know-it-all kid [ Matt ]! I think you need your ticket ( laughing off camera ) ( indistinct ), So we got a USB-A end on one side and then the mouse which I will say is very heavy for a mouse which makes sense because surprise, surprise, Bluetooth, I mean not Bluetooth, USB Skype, phone (, cursed Windows, sound blaring, ), [, Ken ], What the hell Well that came, outta the mouse. So it’s probably a good sign. Oh also, let me hang on.

Let me just plug in my headset to my mouse. There we go Oh, oh, oh, oh Mouse is mouseing, Oh my God. It sets up as a USB audio device. So unfortunately I don’t think the screen is gon na work. Without the Windows XP drivers This, my friends, is an audio test of the USB VoIP mouse.

[ Recording Playing Back ] This. My friends, is an audio test of the USB VoIP mouse [ Matt ]. That speaker has to be blown (, recording playing over phone ) ( laughing ), [ Austin ]. The fact that this thing is probably 20 years old. I just plugged it in and immediately works, There’s something behind that.

Can we please have the next item [ Recording Playing Back ]? Can we please have the next item? Oh Jared, that was like a solid 15 feet away. We have a very small item. This is oh, the Sony Link Buds. I wasted $1567 on Amazon MYSTERY TECH

These are actually some headphones. I’Ve been wanting to try for a while, So my everyday carry headphones. Are the Sony 1000XM4’s featured on our previous episode of Mystery Tech, and I honestly love these headphones. A lot. While comfort is not their strong suit, the sound is great.

The fact that they easily pair between lots of devices, whether it’s Android iOS Windows, Mac, whatever is terrific. Now, the idea with the Link Buds is that these are along that same kind of line, except for the fact that they’re really heavily focusing on comfort, as well as giving you that oral experience that you’re really looking for. [ Ken ] Aural aural dude Oral With these headphones. You can hear your surroundings because they have a little hole in them for your ears, [ Ken ], So we looked at Xperia Buds or something like that a couple of years ago on Mystery Tech. They were kind of a similar idea, but those didn’t sound particularly good, but I hear that these might be a little better.

You hear that they sound a little better. Oh that’s tiny! This is a good start. I always look for smaller headphone cases, so they fit in my pocket And I’m gon na tell you with resounding absolutely [ Ken ], No uh, It’s a little strange because there’s no real, like ear tips, Oh wow. That feels like there’s literal nothing in my ears. I wasted $1567 on Amazon MYSTERY TECH

There is zero passive isolation like I can hear absolutely exactly the same Immediately say: lack of bass right Which makes sense, considering that you don’t actually have like a sealed sort of chamber, It’s kind of wild that I’m listening to this volume at like actually maybe a little louder than I normally would, and I can have a completely normal conversation with everyone in the room. Right now, Even with transparency mode, I still feel like that’s really difficult for me to do. Okay, so here’s something else, that’s unique about these You’re not supposed to actually touch the earbuds you’re supposed to touch around your ears or something I’m not entirely sure how that works. Oh [, Ken ] Does it work? Does it work Yo, that’s wild, So I’m actually not touching the earbuds.

I’M touching, like my ear. On Off [ Ken ] Austin Yo, it works (, laughing ), ( light smack ) Double tap. Paused ( laughing ). I like these headphones a lot. My only question here is the long term comfortability after using them for a few hours.

I think these might be my headphones [ Ken ]. So what you’re saying is I’m buying a personal pair Yeah, what I’m saying is you don’t get to steal these? These are mine. Now, [ Ken ] Great..

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