I Bought the WORST Rated Apple on Amazon!

I Bought the WORST Rated Apple on Amazon!

I Bought the WORST Rated Apple on Amazon

Today I Bought the WORST Rated Apple Scams on Amazon! This video was absolutely crazy to film! I can’t believe the crazy scams we got. What do you think was the worst rated item that we bought? The iPhone , MacBook , apple watch , AirPods , polaroid , beats , or iPad ?! All the stuff was sooooo bad and I can’t believe what we bought on Amazon!? Would you guys still want a giveaway of all the broken stuff??? Hopefully you enjoyed this video, if you did please give it a HUGE thumbs up! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time!

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Today I bought the worst rated Apple Product scam on Amazon we’re gonna be Finding out if these bad reviews are Actually true or if the products are Kind of good first thing I ordered are Some airpods these airpods had a 1.5 Star rating Disgusting condition I was expecting Them to at least be clean and okay Condition but they’re ear wax in them Huge dents on the inside and outside of The cake don’t buy airpods boxes crunch That airpods themselves don’t have Microphones item was damaged and then .

They were chewed on I have no High Hope For these air pods and by the looks of The review they are not going to work But we’re gonna test them out today okay First things first obviously this Packaging was like the least amount of Effort that they could oh my God I Understand the reviews these are so Crusty Dusty they have like hair off So nasty these obviously look really Really gross and of course the inside is Dirty as well I don’t know what I Expected with that should I even put Them on I don’t want to put them on all The products that I bought today are Renewed products which means that They’re not brand new let’s go ahead and Try to pair them to my phone and see They leave work I hate buying you stuff Especially earphones you know that they

Were in someone’s ear they are going to Be able to connect I’m not even gonna Put them on I’m just gonna hold them Because that’s gross Okay wait they actually work can you Hear that So they do work they’re not loud at all Though normal airpods get really loud These are not like working well at all It’s the bare condition of them it’s Honestly just disgusting the fact that The colors are even selling them like This don’t even sell them if they’re That used they’re just super buggy so I Completely understand the reviews .

on This one I would not buy it I say the Reviews were true for this one let’s try The next product The next thing I ordered was an Apple Watch the reviews on this one are about Two and a half Stars It stopped working after a few days one Star it was still paired to the previous Owner’s iPhone not refurbished at all Product is not worth selling in Market Money wasted I would not recommend to Anyone I was very disappointed in a Smart walk we cannot get it to work There was no charger with it yeah we Didn’t get a charger with this either so Pretty much these reviews aren’t too bad But it didn’t come with a charger at all So I guess let’s just turn it on and see If the reviews are true a condition of

The Apple watch is actually really good I expected it to be more dirty and just Nasty compared to like some of the Reviews that we saw but it’s actually in Really good condition it is dead so Let’s charge it and see if this thing Works guys you are not even going to Believe this this Apple watch is not Even an Apple Watch it’s fake after Looking at it for a while if you look Closely you can see that there’s this Weird charging port on the side that has Like a USBC charger something like that Which is not the normal Apple watch.

Normally it charges on the back this one Has some weird look there’s no way this Is an actual Apple watch this is our one Star reviewed Apple watch and I Completely understand why now I feel Like where I bought it from was so Misleading it made it look like it was a Real Apple watch and this is most Definitely not a real Apple watch oh my Gosh it’s so buggy look that is so bad Long story short I understand why this Was reviewed really bad I don’t know how Well it worked but I’m gonna assume not Well I think the reviews on this one Were Patrick this actually turned on and It worked and it doesn’t have a horrible Condition but it didn’t come with a Charger and this is not an Apple Watch Next thing I bought was a Macbook I can Already tell this is gonna be bad

Literally by just how it’s packaged I Can already tell that this is not gonna Be good not working out of the box none Of the keys were working I received this Item and couldn’t get it to load or run Please do not waste money horrible each Charger plugged in to power on does not Function garbage I just received the day And also returned it today it wouldn’t Even turn on out of date and not Compatible to update not as advertised This computer was supposed to be a 2017 Or later but it’s a 2011. it came dead After charging for two hours it didn’t Turn on Okay let’s just open it up I’m Just gonna hope for the best oh my God ,

They wrapped it with the Whole Foods bag Look what did I water This one came with a charger oh my God There’s no way this thing is gonna work After all those bad reviews no way look It is so dirty it literally looks like Someone threw this in the dirt fit on it Threw up on it threw it in the toilet And then they sent it here because this Thing is so disgusting oh my God I need To wash my hands after this this is what The Charger looks like at least we got a Charger on the other ones we weren’t Even getting chargers keep in mind guys Everything that I bought was from like An independent seller it wasn’t from Like a big brand like Amazon or anything Like that it was more of like somebody.

I Bought the WORST Rated Apple on Amazon

Just selling their stuff on Amazon Here’s the MacBook oh my gosh this is a Chunker a dirty dirty chunk Why is that Do you hear that there is not supposed To be Parts moving in here Oh my God there’s no way this thing is Gonna work it is literally so dirty I Thought the charger was dirty this dirty Put hair on it that’s the gross I could Not possibly believe that somebody with Elvis in this condition I mean given This one’s pretty cheap but like come on There’s a key missing it’s the moment of Truth let’s plug it in you know what Maybe it looked like but maybe it works It stinks it does stink right look this .

One over there where’s the sanitization Wipes Foreign There’s like an eyelash on there too or An eyebrow or something look at this MacBook okay so the cool thing is it Turns off I didn’t expect that look how Old it is like I have not seen these Kinds of like maps in like forever Stinky too stinky I didn’t think a computer could stink if You were gonna sell something you could Have at least cleaned it this is like so Weird there’s like all these weird yummy Stuff on it right now what the it Literally looks like it has like a virus On it update my browser your browser

Isn’t supported anymore what do you I don’t even think we can use this I’m Literally just trying to do something Because the MacBook is so old it doesn’t Even allow you to like go to certain Things this MacBook is almost unusable And the reviews were 100 True get this Out of my site Next thing I bought was an iPad Mini This iPad Mini has a two-star rating Like new product listed like new looks Like it was dropped every day for three Years already broke already not working Won’t turn on or charge does not charge I bought an iPad thinking it was full .

Reconditioned and functional I’ve Trusted the fact that it was from Amazon Market what I got literally not Reconditioned is Factory standard Battery is not good iPad kept turned on And off even after being charged beware Because it work looking at all the Reviews it looks like the biggest Problem is the battery let’s see if These reviews are true Okay so here is our iPad Mini oh I can See what they’re talking about so here We have our iPad mini and off the bat There’s already like a lot of damage and Stuff on it I don’t understand how it Can be in such a weird condition being Sold renewed you know like you can see Some dents some scratches some sayings This doesn’t look new to me the front of

It has a couple scratches on it nothing Major but the condition overall is not Too shabby other than just like a couple Things right here you know not the Biggest deal I’m gonna let it light Obviously it doesn’t come with a charger Which is kind of annoying so it turns on Yay it’s already about to die but this Is what it looks like honestly it looks Good to me honestly there’s nothing on This iPad that I’m kind of like oh my Gosh it looks horrible like it’s turning On it works maybe some of the things are Wrong I mean hey this is kind of good I’m not gonna lie to you right now I’m Not I ain’t got no bad thing to say . I Bought the WORST Rated Apple on Amazon

About it but on the internet and of Course let’s go check out their great Vlog which is my second Channel if you Want to go check that out it’s working It might sound pretty good too wow it Actually works and I can watch my Vlogs On here let’s go ahead and try out the Camera hey I think it looks pretty good I really don’t understand why there are Bad reviews on the I was literally using it for like a Minute on Instagram and it was out I Kind of understand the reviews on this One other than the battery I think it’s Pretty good though like I feel like it Wasn’t that bad I would give it a thumbs Up if you just want to stay on the Charger the whole time like I think this

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Is a good purchase on these iPads the Reviews are true next thing I bought was A Polaroid camera this Polaroid camera Has a review of 1.7 which is not very Good Performance does not come with film or Batter normally the Polaroids don’t come With batteries I don’t know why she Complaining did not work had to return Wait the first time I purchased it it Didn’t work I asked for replacement got It today and it also doesn’t work regret It not recommend gifted this to my Cousin for her birthday embarrassed when .

She told me it didn’t work we tried so Many times camera only wore three days This item isn’t renewed it’s Riverbend Big difference these reviews are pretty Bad quality for ourselves oh my gosh I Really wanted one of these to like be Good like I just wanted the reviews to Be wrong but look how crusty Dusty this Was actually really really cheap I think It was like 12 or something like that so I understand the conditions this almost Was like really cute blue color but hey It turned on that’s kind of a win I Guess let’s go ahead and try it out Hello it’s not working I really want to Take a picture film in it already Okay Oh we took the photo hello Why is it not printing Ah just wanted something to wear there’s Film in it there’s batteries in it I

Just don’t understand what the problem Is no big surprise it doesn’t work these Reviews were a thousand percent true There’s nothing good about it I would be So disappointed if I ordered this and it Didn’t work read the reviews people the Next thing I ordered was another MacBook This one is a newer MacBook this MacBook Has a two-star rating I received this Item and couldn’t get it to load or run I was under the impression that this Computer had been refurbing I couldn’t Get it to open or run as it was supposed.

To Broken green upon delivery the screen On the computer was noticeably broken The box was damaged so appears the Computer was [ __ ] damaged no Instructions on how to boot into the Computer seller warning purchased a Refurbished new map the MacBook were Signed until a week ago I tried to erase All the content but the computer was Activated lost so obviously the reviews On this computer is not super hot so Let’s check her out okay here we go this Is kind of a big box for a computer oh My God they literally shipped it with Just like bubble wrap I feel like this Thing probably got like moved around so Much oh that was not smart we got the MacBook let’s take a look at her okay Okay this is definitely a newer MacBook Than the one we just unboxed but oh my Goodness look at all of these stains how. I Bought the WORST Rated Apple on Amazon

Hard is it to just get a computer that Actually is lean my goodness all right Let’s open her up okay this is kind of Nice it’s still dirty it turns off a Little bit dirty but it’s not as bad as The other one that we bought so I’ll Take it this one does have a password The password is on the bottom oh no Why does this green look like that oh my Gosh the screen is like so messed up There are literal lines across the Entire screen it’s hard to tell on Camera but the screen looks horrible Like it looks like it was dropped Several times there are also like dents On the computer here just a lot of Damage to the body of the computer and I Can just tell that this was either drop Or even in the shipping maybe because it Was . I Bought the WORST Rated Apple on Amazon

[ __ ] with barely any bubble wrap if It got tossed around a lot it could have Broke the screen such a shame because it Looks like it’s working pretty good this Computer actually looks pretty good Compared to everything else that we got This computer was probably gonna be the Best thing that we bought because it Looks clean it works it turns on we got It at a good ride look at this green It’s so messed up so disappointed I Can’t even watch airgrade’s Vlogs look Guys Look at this oh my gosh I don’t know why I read so many reviews I knew what to. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

Expect but it’s still disappointed Because it doesn’t work obviously the Reviews were super true on this one you Guys aren’t going to want to want this One literally all messed up comment down Below would you guys still want some of These products even if they’re broken The next think I bought was some beat Pros Here is Paris oh they are look at our Little bee Pros hey wow these actually Look super good I’ve never had the kind .

Of headphones before but they actually Look pretty good these were used before So I’m not like too excited to put them On so far these look really good Battery life product is faulty battery Life is less than one hour on the left Terrible product I should have done a Little more research before this Purchase use not leave former user Earwax on headphones epic disappointment What a way I love how they’re like I Should have read the reviews but I read The review and I still bought them okay So right off the bat I don’t know if Y’all can see them on the camera but There is definitely musty Dusty your wag You’re Juiced on this thing I don’t want It but I will deal with the ear juice if These actually work let’s go ahead and Try to charge these and see if they work After about 45 minutes of charging these They never turned on I can’t say whether

I’m happy or sad about that because I Didn’t want to have to put these on Because they’re still dirty the reviews Are true these are very very nasty next Thing I bought was an iPhone 10. I’m Really excited because this is an iPhone I really really want it to work if it Doesn’t I’m gonna be very disappointed This iPhone had about a three star Rating so it wasn’t too bad the packet Arrived but it was empty how does that Even happen absolutely disgusting I Purchased an iPhone 10 the whole reason I made the purchase was because it was Amazon guaranteed it arrived on

Thursday On immediately when the phone arrives I Know the issues upon making my first Call the phone would turn on and off and Restart five or six times in a row two Defective buyer beware I can’t complain Enough the reviews are not looking too Hot for this phone but maybe I am the Exception okay here we go okay so we got A charger with this one and we also got Some headphones that’s a nice little Complimentary gift there then we have Our iPhone 10 renewed wow it actually Looks really good there’s no scratches No crap this thing actually looks really Good no complaints so far it looks good I like it let’s just see if it doesn’t Turn on then that would be a problem ah Of course it’s dead after charging the IPhone it turns on and look at it it has

A little hello hello I love it it works Brand new let’s set it up Oh an update is required to activate Your phone how the heck do you update The phone if it doesn’t even work what’s The problem what are we supposed to do Should we get a laptop try to like set It up my last hope with this phone is Hoping that if we give it a little Update or something that it might Actually work this has actually happened To one of my phones in the past and I am .

So disappointed because I don’t think I Ever got it to work okay guys so after Doing some racer I literally found out There is no fix for this problem on the Phone I don’t know why I still expected It to be good So I guess all of the reviews about These phones that are refurbished were True and that was buying the worst Reviewed cams on Amazon let me know in The comments down below would you Actually want any of this stuff guys Even though it doesn’t work thank you Guys so much for watching this video Give it a big thumbs up if you enjoyed And I’ll see you guys next time bye. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

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