I bought an Amazon ELECTRONICS Returns Mystery Box + CELLPHONE with sensitive information Found

I bought an Amazon ELECTRONICS Returns Mystery Box CELLPHONE with sensitive information Found

It’s ELECTRONICS DAY! Thank you for watching and supporting the Franchise Kicks YouTube channel. If you haven’t already .

it’s saturday, you know what that means right. We’Ve got an amazon custom return, electronics, mystery box for you what’s inside of here. Are amazon liquidation products supposed to be all electronics? It could be anything from gaming stuff to anything that plugs in stuff. That takes batteries, i guess they could be gaming stuff.

It could be movies. It could be. Dvds ready, let’s jump into this. Why not pricing this was around 250 bucks give or take it depends on, like you know, shipping costs and all that jazz, but usually your return is as much as about three times your money back, but you get some fun stuff in electronics boxes they’re my favorite. This is when you get that home run stuff.

Where you pull out the freaking apple air pods, you can pull out cell phones. Just recently, i had one box had like three samsung phones in it. That was just like what last month. I think it was so there’s all kinds of good stuff in here, and i am still on the search for playstation. Five vintage is gon na happen. I bought an Amazon ELECTRONICS Returns Mystery Box CELLPHONE with sensitive information Found

It’S gon na happen. What do we have? Okay right? On top, i see a very, very heavily used, xbox controller. Let me give you a little sneak peek at what i see.

I Bought an Amazon ELECTRONICS 

That’S what i’m looking at. That’S what you can see yourself. Let me set this thing down. Let’S start going through it first thing i mentioned it, pull it out. This thing is heavily heavily used used.

So much part of the knob has been worn off so very, very, very used, xbox controller, not much value there. It probably unsurpasses it doesn’t work, and then we have followed up with an off branded xbox controller. This brand is called polar so off brand. It’S still a good like maybe 10 bucks or so ish. Let’S see, let’s where’s the good stuff, let’s find the good stuff.

This one says: 10 hi-fi, oh okay, some uh, like earbuds. I do not know what in the world this has like a chain to it. I guess this is like you connect your earbuds to to the chain and you put the ch chain behind your head, maybe tin, hi-fi. Let’S look this thing up, yeah literally like you, you wear it behind your neck and then you can like pull out your ear. Earbuds and just like drape them down, it’s kind of like people have glasses with like the thing on your glasses, it’s kind of same thing, but it’s like 30 bucks, if i’m lucky 25 30 Here we go, this just says the brand is called smartwatch, it’s just smartwatch, so it’s has the film on it.

Still it’s just an off-branded. Smart watch we’ve been selling these locally. Actually, we sold quite a few in our first annual big blowout garage sale of 2022.. We sold quite a few just like off-brand smart watches, like 15 bucks, a piece so pretty quickly.

I think we’re sold out of them now too, we’ll have one more big, blowout amazon, like garage sale here later this summer, they’re always it’s always fun power bank off branded. You know 20 bucks holy hi, truly wireless earbuds, so off-brand earbuds called holy hi. My wife and i had a joke about that. Last time. I had that brand holy hi, oh nice, oh nice, okay, two cell phones, this one said this.

One is a samsung, not too sure what the model is. This one is a motorola. This is a motorola cricket, some kind of a motorola, let’s see if it has any charge to it, looks like it’s dead. The box, where i had three cell phones in it, remember that box for, like last month, all three of those cell phones still had like the the people who returned them to amazon did not like reformat them. They had all three phones had hundreds of pictures on them still that they took it was still logged into their facebook accounts, all their social media accounts.

All the accounts were logged in still, but we actually, we reformatted them completely deleted everything on the phone before we list them on ebay to sell them. But if you return a cell phone to amazon make sure you reformat it back to factory settings because if not, hopefully you find somebody like me who’s a liquid air who’s, honest and does it for you and doesn’t take whatever i find and you know take advantage Of the person but yeah, that’s pretty scary right. You left three people. Different people left all their personal information accounts. Social media pictures on their phones delete all your stuff before you turn the butt yeah.

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I don’t know what kind of phone these are this one, the battery’s dead needs to be charged and this one battery’s dead needs to be charged, but i mean cell phones use at least by 50 bucks, a piece we have a samsung and a motorola. That’S not bad right. We’Ve had this before song storage, a little looks like a like an ipod, little thing, uh mp3 player. Ah, some more more. All these are samsung.

Galaxy buds live i’ve never heard of these ones. These ones. That’S not that’s improper grammar, these ones. That’S my uh indiana, like my hick kind of talk coming out these ones right here. This is what this one’s all about.

It’S like these open box used, maybe like 40 bucks or so so, not bad, not too terribly bad. Next, we have a hercules. 6 port charging station looks to be factory sealed in the box. Still what’s our favorite of the day factory sealed got it right, ooh used open ink, that’s just that’s trash straight to the trash. Can dual charging dog for the ps5, so we have the charging dock for the playstation 5, but i don’t see a playstation 5 though maybe someday?

Okay! Here we go. We got some air pods out the case very, very dirty, not too terribly used, but yeah. This needs a uh, deep cleaning, they’re kind of tight and dirty, but still about piece them out each individually about 100 bucks right there, though a30 pin oh i’ve had this before and pallets. It looks expensive whenever you pull this thing out the first time you see it.

You think this. This is the tablet right here. I think it’s expensive, but it sounds like 30 bucks, though it’s not very expensive. This tricked me a few months ago. I looked it up.

I was like. Oh that’s. That’S all salesforce bomber wireless security, camera, oh the victor, was a security camera. It’S all! There, 25 bucks.

We have quite a few of this brand victor, quite a few listeners, ebay store or if you’re interested our ebay store is in the description box. This video below the title you’ll see the description box, drag it down. You see the whole thing. You’Ll see you know, links to ebay and other selling platforms and my email address my shipping address for business purposes and all that jazz we have some wireless headphones brand is artist, never heard of pi, like 30 40 bucks, nothing great! Oh here we got some airpod pros.

It says noise. If these are in here, it’s worth 120 bucks inside there they are there’s the case. Are they both in there yep they’re? Both there right, there’s 120 bucks airpod pros. We have a whole bunch little.

We have about, i think, we’re close like 50 pairs of airpods between air pods, the air possible generations and aeropod probably have close to 50 pairs now. So if you’re looking for some air pods, we’ll cut you a deal on reach out to my wife, which the email address is thewife317 yahoo.com once again, that is thewife317 at yahoo.com reach out to her say: hey! I want to buy some air some apple air pods hook me up.

The wife will take good care of you, we’ll get you a good, a good price. We’Ll beat our ebay prices because you buy through us directly. We can slash off what our ebay fees would be and pass the savings on the customer. You know it’s a win-win for both of us cheaper price for you and for us. It’S still, you know, after the ebay fees, taking out off we’re still making the same amount of money, but you get it.

You get a cheaper price here we go dash cam, very nice, good 30 bucks right there. What is this blue? Oh it’s a bluetooth! Speaker! Cove commuter 2 That’S not bad.

This is sell for maybe 40 40 bucks, or so that’s actually what i thought was going to be that’s not too terribly bad. We have jaybird vista to some more wireless earphones they’re in there pretty cool little carrying case and hook it on. Like your your backpack or something they’re, both in there get out of both the jaybird vista 2. Okay, keep cruising victor home security, camera usb video camera, not very expensive, off-branded little there’s no brand on it. We got two things left: that’s it portable video player like for your kids and their vehicle back.

I bought an Amazon ELECTRONICS Returns Mystery Box CELLPHONE with sensitive information Found

When we were much much younger back in the 80s, we would have had these that have been so awesome, but uh, just getting the disc band was game changing for us way back in the day, but yeah it’s about 30 bucks, or so here we go. Last time this is it hd digital video camera. We had a few of these. We had a a viewer reach out to us that bought two of them recently. Was it like 35 40, a piece something like that?

I don’t remember 100 percent completely. Oh, it turns on it has a charge to it and yeah she bought two of them. I can’t remember what was it two for 75 two for 80, something like that and she got him and they actually worked really well for so we have another one. I think this is our only one right now and yeah. It’S fully charged looks like it works you anything in this video.

If uh you’re interested of course check out our ebay store on our ebay store, we have over 14 items available right now for sale or some things like apple airpods, reach out to my wife, which is the wife 317.com. Her email address is also in the description boxes, video for the airpods. You can buy some airpods reach out to her she’ll cut you a good deal on some airpods. If you want to buy 20 pairs of airpods, we’ll catch a really good deal, we’ve got a lot of airpods we’re selling right now.

Yeah this one’s too bad of a box. We got a decent couple high-end stuff. I don’t know what model these phones are. Yet these might be the newest like model of phones, and then they might be like 200 bucks – a piece i know. I don’t know this time how much these are worth a samsung phone in a in a motorola phone, no idea, no idea, they might be locked up too, or i can’t use them no idea that wasn’t too bad.

This was fun. I, like electronics, still on the hunt for the elusive playstation 5. It’S gon na happen someday. I just have the feeling, but anyway i’ll see you next time, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please go down below hit that subscribe button.

I upload this channel every single day haven’t missed an upload in almost four years, so i give you daily free content to watch on this youtube channel.

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