I Bought a Box of iPhones for CHEAP!

I Bought a Box of iPhones for CHEAP!

I Bought a Box of iPhones for CHEAP

In todays video, bought a box of iPhones worth $16,000 ! This was crazy to do because I really wanted to make my money back from buying this box. But sometimes you win sometimes you loose. We got 16 iPhones for SUPER cheap and it was crazy to see what we got in the mail! What do you think of the box of iPhones we got?! Hopefully you enjoyed this video, if you did please give it a HUGE thumbs up! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time!

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There are websites where you can buy Both tons of electronics like iPhone MacBooks and all other kinds of Electronics in bulk for really cheap and It seems too good to be true so today I Bought a bowl box of 16 yeah 16 iPhones In this box and today we’re gonna see if They work this box cost me 2500 which is A lot but keep in mind if all 16 of These iPhones work it’s worth a lot more Than 2500 Okay so here is our blog Oh gosh this is crazy there are Literally like a ton of iPhones in here I guess I’ll start with these who just .

Ordered this many iPhones I do that’s Who it does okay so here is the first Shipment of iPhone I’m so excited look At all of these are you kidding me oh no Already off the bat we have this white One oh my God they’re shattered that is So disappointing so our first iPhone is A white iPhone 13. and honestly even Though the screen shattered it could Still work because that’s an easy fit so Let’s just see if it turns on that’s Like the most important part right now You know what maybe it just needs to be Charged so we actually got the iPhone to Turn on but it’s in Chinese what it’s Definitely iCloud lock are you kidding Me right now hold on maybe it works if This thing works I’m gonna like lose my Mind I’m like so excited if these phones.

Work we got like a big deal in deal this Is like a pretty phone too you guys Already know you’re gonna win this IPhone 13 if it were are you kidding me Right now you’re kidding me right now it Has an iCloud lock on it okay we gotta Guess the password anybody have any Guesses No okay imagine we actually get it There’s literally no wave this phone is As good as it’s broken next iPhone we Have is a red iPhone 13.

and this one’s Actually better okay never mind I take That back the front is absolutely Shattered it does not look too good Right now oh no but you know what worst Case scenario we can totally get the Screen fixed I think it’ll still be good All right let’s just try and turn it on It’s like not turning on what the heck I’m so scared right now this is the Second iPhone that’s not working and I Spent a lot of money on these phones all Right let’s charge this one the red one After charging it for around 20 minutes Started to get a little bit hot but it Didn’t even turn on this really nice red IPhone 13 is no good I’m so nervous Right now we are two phones in and it is Not looking good okay next we have a Blue iPhone 13. this one is shattered a Little bit on the back and it’s also Shattered a little bit in the front it Should have clarified this before I

Bought them if none of these work I’m Going to go crazy we spent a lot of Money on these phones one just turned on Dude we just get like really skimmed Right now we just got completely ripped Off plug this one in too okay so we got Another Foreign And this one also has an iCloud lock on It you can see if you press it in this Little corner it works like magic I like this one iPhone number three not Gonna work next up we have a green IPhone 13. oh this green is bad it is Like really really shattered someone .

Definitely threw this one off a cliff And then was like all right I’m good Foreign This is not looking good right now the Back look good the cameras look good but The front is so shattered all right Let’s see if this one turns on oh my Gosh it’s not turning on these better All be dead and not broken look there’s Literally no like SIM card thing in There I’m like getting really worried Now because we spent a lot of money on These and I need these iPhones to work It’s not gonna work anymore and one has Been charging for about 30 minutes and Literally no sign of it actually working So I think we got another broken iPhone The next iPhone is like an iPhone well I Think this is a mini this one actually. I Bought a Box of iPhones for CHEAP

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Is not in bad condition at all the green Has no crack the back has a little cup a Couple scratches but nothing crazy now It’s just time for the Moment of Truth No freaking way finally one actually Turns on if this actually works I’m Going to lose my mind we’ve gone through So many broken iPhones already not even Funny oh my better not be locked I’m Gonna cry It was so exciting because it turned on And it has a password on it so Disappointed maybe like a one two three Four five .

No way shut up shut up there’s no Freaking way I just guessed the password That’s the same password I have oh my God we’re in we’re in oh my God I feel Kind of bad though this is definitely Somebody’s phone like it had to have Been stolen and there’s like stuff on it Let’s see if like everything’s working It works in this jar it works it is Super good I do feel like we need to Clear this off ASAP though because I Don’t like having people’s like personal Information on here I do want to see how Much this is actually worth though and See if we kind of got some of our money Back you can get this one used for like 300 bucks and brand new for like 500 Bucks okay we got some money back about Like 500 I mean a win is a win I’ll take

It like just can’t believe I guess the Password like I genuinely didn’t think I Could do that but we got a phone okay Next we have another iPhone 13 Even This One is black in the back it’s super good Condition doesn’t look like it’s been Cracked at all and then the front is Actually surprisingly not cracked either This one actually has like a perfect Green let’s go ahead and try it out so This black iPhone that we’ve been . amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

Charging for while never turned on and I Don’t even know what we’re supposed to Do voice over gestures emergency has Double tap to power off why does it Sound like that do you think this one Could actually work it’s like off but It’s like working This one is so weird I don’t know the fact that this one’s Like working I’m thinking maybe the Green is just broken is that too much of A jump if we should get it fixed I think We’ll have to try to get this one fixed Because I kind of feel like there’s hope That this one might work Hello all of these are broken like a Scammy website why are they not turning On I feel like that’s not even like Right they can’t sell the iPhones like That oh no the next one we have is a Black iPhone 13. this one also broken Back glass and the front oh my goodness I don’t even want to look at it it looks

So bad maybe it’ll only cost about 80 to Fix the screen if it doesn’t work then There’s no point onto the charger it Goes this iPhone was charged for about 30 minutes and it still didn’t turn on So there’s definitely no hope for this One this black iPhone 13 is no good next One is a white iPhone 13. again a little Bit shattered we have like a single Crack on the back then we have a pretty Good screen green look really good no Crack no scratches I think this one’s Gonna be good I feel it I feel it this White one also does not work all right This one is again so bad and the screen Is also like totally messed up there’s . I Bought a Box of iPhones for CHEAP

No way this is gonna work it turns on Okay so this one actually turns on oh my God there’s a password on it and there’s A picture of somebody’s like little girl On here this is so weird this phone must Have been stolen we literally only have One shot at this if we guess the Password then we can actually So maybe we can’t okay so the last one In this package is this pink iPhone I Was really excited for this pink iPhone Because I love pink but as you can tell She’s gone she’s messed up cracked to The brim the phone is literally showing Through right here the front is just Absolutely messed up but like I said all That stuff is fixable it’s glass on the Table it’s like getting on my finger so

Our pink iPhone turned on and boom just Like the rest of them it is horrible Condition and you can already read even Though the whole screen’s not working You can still read that it says that It’s locked which pretty much means There’s no getting into this phone all Right not done yet I need some of these To work not I literally just got 2500 Okay Oh my gosh these are not looking any Better first one we got is actually an IPhone 13 Pro so this one’s like a newer Phone and it’s like I mean it’s nice but It’s so shattered I love these phones Actually might be stolen iPhones because . amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

They all have like locked on them oh my Gosh so this one actually turns on the IPhone 13 Pro but look at the screen Wait but this is actually really good Because right now it doesn’t have a lock On it which means that if we repair this One this one might actually work because Obviously the screen is messed up and The back is messed up but those things Are easily fit another battered iPhone 13 in blue not fun anymore at this point Look at this blue iPhone 13 does not Work next we have another pink iPhone 13. this one has a couple scratches but The front screen actually looks really Good so it’s really just the back screen That’s a little bit crappy our pink IPhone 13 that I was so excited for I

Don’t even understand how the heck There’s so many locked iPhones for Because it’s honestly ridiculous like it Works good The Screen Works everything On this phone looks really good and I Actually think this might be a really Good phone of course there is an iCloud Lock on the phone this phone it’s no Good oh my gosh this one is so shattered Like my hands are getting like all full Of black this one also looks horrible.

Condition front looks horrible but like I said you never know you never know I’m Starting to think that buying phones off The internet was not a good idea of Course this one and turns out it does Not work this is another loss we only Have two more iPhones to go okay so next We got an iPhone 13 cracked front and Back no surprise okay so our iPhone Turned on love to see it I’m gonna cry It’s completely broken I don’t even know If it hitsable at this point I’m so Disappointed why are all of the phones Like so messed up like I don’t Understand like how do they get this Messed up this iPhone is obviously not Gonna work our last iphone is an iPhone 13 in black and this one’s actually Perfect condition there’s no scratches Or cracks and the back glass is Completely clear and there’s a yellow Sticker on this one so who knows maybe That means good luck or something and it

Doesn’t work are you kidding me why is It asking me to make a password why is This one like hold on wait a minute why Is it working it literally had an iCloud Lock on it but then I started setting it Up and it just started working this Thing works I’m gonna go crazy shut up Oh my gosh I thought you was gonna work Oh my God it actually I’m so happy look at it why is it like So broken though my question is it had ICloud lock on it you saw that how did It let me set it up okay I don’t know Why the heck it keeps popping up all . amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

These weird stuff that’s scary okay What if the person who sent me that Literally made it to do that so they can Steal your information don’t tell me That What if they made this phone just to Steal my information well it’s too late Now they have it they have it now Should I sign out of it I’m gonna sign That I like how I’m like I just made 2 500 on an iPhone that’s like kind of Working yeah what if like the cameras Are watching me or something but like hi See if speakers work because honestly Look at the camera it’s like pretty Banged up horse rated Apple products gas On Amazon Let’s go ahead and test out the camera Okay and then let’s test out the front Camera why does it actually like look

Good you see that like there’s not any Oh you can kind of see some of the like The cracks right here a little bit but Like the normal camera works good we got An iPhone it gave me like it sold me 15 Broken iPhones but one word and I’m like This phone is only worth 700 I’ma take That W probably worth like 500 now a win Is a win after opening 16 different IPhones 10 of them are absolutely broken Or lost four of them are questionable And that might be able to get fixed and Two of them actually work So we made me to purchase online we Bought 16 iPhones They’re all iCloud locked but we do have .

A few that we kind of have a little bit Of Hope for we have this one which has a Password on it I don’t know if you can Unlock it but no iCloud only phone that I thought might actually work is locked Are you kidding me we got scammed so Hard right now I don’t even know what We’re gonna do we have two working Phones one of the only iPhones that we Got that actually works has the camera That’s broken on the top so we are here To try to get it fixed so that way maybe We can sell it and try to make some of Our money back that’s it [Music] After checking all of the phone the fit Could not fix my phone because they were All either stolen or broken just too

Much so it did fix the camera on our one IPhone this one’s probably worth about 700 we’re not done yet all of these Phones may be broken but we’re gonna go Sell them to the ATM machine and see if We can at least get some of our money Back Oh my gosh actually that’s kind of good I was kind of thinking we’re gonna get Like. I Bought a Box of iPhones for CHEAP

20 bucks for it so 50 is kind of Pretty good Thank you [Music] They won’t buy any more from us oh my Gosh I stole too many in conclusion we Got two working iPhones one that could Possibly be worth 700 and one that could Be worth 500 we got 750 from trading in The broken phone in total we got 1 900 Back from these phones so hopefully this Video taught you a lesson to not buy a Giant bot of broken iPhones on the Internet because I just lost a ton of Money so please give this video a thumbs Up because I am now broke make sure to Subscribe and I’ll see you guys next Time bye

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