Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023 – EP#51 – Latest Gadgets You Must See!

Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023 – EP#51 – Latest Gadgets You Must See! #CoolTech #ChristmasGifts #AffordableTech …

What’S up guys chigz here from chigz tech reviews, welcome to the coolest tech of the month december 2020, episode 51.. So we have another collection of cool and unique tech products, and in this episode you will see everything from smartphones, smart watches, tablets, gaming, audio and lots. Lots more: if you missed any of the previous episodes, i will leave the entire playlist in the description box. I will also timestamp this video for your convenience and, if you want your product featured just go ahead and send me an email.

So without further ado, let’s begin with the first cool product. So first up we have a smartphone. This is the ulufone armor, eight, so an affordable, rugged smartphone by ulefone, the armor eight, and it definitely feels like a piece of armor 108 pounds or 134 us dollars. So a very affordable, smartphone, quick, look at the specs ip68 rating water drop display eight core helio p60. Four gigs of ram 64 gigs of internal storage, triple cameras on the back 6.

inch hd display. So that’s 720 by 1560 supports dual 4g sims face unlock with fingerprint id android 10 and a 5500 milliamp hour battery. The phone itself is made from a tpu rubberized material and you’ve got these metal strips on both sides. You’Ve got military 810g standard, ip68 and ip69k certified, so quite a decent 6.1 inch ips display nice and bright.

It is a 720p display, but as you can see, it’s nice and clear and fairly bright, so black and red is looking pretty slick on the side. You’Ve got volume buttons, you’ve got a power button. You’Ve got a separate side, fingerprint sensor at the bottom. We have a usb type-c, which is hidden behind a latch water tight, so usb type-c port. On the other side, we have a programmable button by default.

Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

It doesn’t do anything when you press it, but you can of course customize that button from settings and on the side we have our sim card tray. It’S a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the top, so decent specs for the price, helio p60 optical you’ve got nfc. You’Ve got a massive 5580 million power battery and it’s running android 10 So, if you’re, looking for a brand new rugged smartphone with android 10 um, definitely consider the ulefone arma 8 and if you guys want to see a more in-depth review of this phone, then let me know by hitting the like button and leaving a comment. Let’S see.

What’S next, so we have an interesting package here and i’m just going to open it up. You can call this more of a gift idea and a piece of tech. It’S related look at that grid frame art studio. So you can see here. It looks like a present, it says, grid frame, art studio and i really like how they’ve melted this piece of plastic and put this stamp on very old-school touch to it.

Nice nice presentation, [, Music ], so you got a hit. You’Ve got a hint it’s some sort of frame. I don’t want to give it away. Let’S just get it open you ready for this. Hopefully, when i turn this, it’s at least the right way around.

Yes done that right check this out, people, that is the iphone 4s. I think we’ve all had this phone at one stage of our lives. The 4s planted the seeds of what we now consider common knowledge, the smartphone really isn’t just a smartphone. You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future and they’ve even put my logo at the bottom.

Thank you so much grid for sending me this piece of art. I’M definitely going to put this on my wall. I – and i can assure you this – is a great gift for anyone who’s into tech. The iphone 4s is iconic, it changed the smartphone game, so amazing phone very nicely captured in this beautiful frame, definitely consider this as a gift for someone in your family who loves technology once again. Thank you grid for sending this over, but this is the retro station. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

So it’s a brand new retro game console with a very nice attractive, looking logo, let’s get this box open, so i have two wireless controllers included check that out people the retro station i’m liking that a very interesting product, i’m actually quite excited to see what this Can do wow nice starting avengers bit of music and graphics in the start, a bit of branding retrostation yeah gives it quite a nice proper console feel all right. So we’re going to try a few games out and i’m going to go straight to something that will test this system, so we’re going to go straight to dreamcast and we’re going to play. Let’S play marvel vs, capcom first and we’ll see how it plays so here we go, i’m going to hear the hadoop, that’s it [ Applause, ], whoa who’s, this guy, cable, [, Music, ]. It’S got a gun. Yeah!

Look at that! No way! Nice! Absolutely amazed by this product, retro station um, it’s they’re, calling it an explosion of fun and it’s exactly that so a very decent package. If you can’t get hold of the latest playstation 5 or the xbox series x.

This could be something that can keep you busy throughout this holiday season until that console becomes available, so definitely check this out station grab one while you still can now. These are the huawei free buds studio. Look at that for presentation, a leather case with a huawei logo in the center, and it feels really premium wait till we see the headphones wow look at these. That is insane look at that. Oh we’ve got a compartment here, which i nearly missed.

Usb type-c cable neatly in that compartment and that’s it feels like a magnetic flip yeah. It’S a magnetic flap. So it’s not going to open itself, which is really nice beautiful case, build quality, a combination of plastic metal and lots of comfortable soft padding on the ear cups and headband. Now the headphones do swivel, so they can go in the case. They don’t fold and they can be extended from both sides and it’s nice to see that the extension part is made completely from metal.

So these are designed to last so active noise cancellation, high resolution, audio low latency, a battery life which will shock you 60 hour battery life. That’S six! Zero people you’ve got fast charging so 10 minute charge via usbc will give you eight hours of music with anc off so 10 minutes charge eight hours, music. That’S that’s a good deal right there. Now this does support touch control gestures, so you can swipe up for volume up swipe down for volume down.

If you swipe left or right, you can skip tracks. If you double tap, you can play pause or in fact answer or end calls. Yes, you do have built-in noise cancelling microphones as well. Now quick, look at the ports. You’Ve got a bluetooth pairing button power button which i’m going to turn on right now.

Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest 

You’Ve got your type-c charging port and, on the other side, you’ve just got your anc button. Now these headphones actually have wear detection. So a bit like how in-ear detection works with earbuds when you’re wearing these the music will play. If you take them off the music automatically pauses, so they are intelligent enough to know detection, whether you’re wearing the headphones or not. Huawei freebot studio, absolutely amazing, pair of headphones um super premium in quality.

Sound quality will blow your mind and you’re getting extreme comfort levels as well. So you can wear these for long periods, no problem, it’s not going to be uncomfortable at all low latency, so great for movies games and your videos, so yeah definitely check out the huawei free bud, studio people okay. Next up this is the devon pixu backpack. If you’ve heard of this brand drum, then you already know what type of products they make they make these screens with built-in speakers and they basically allow you to customize the pixel art and they look ultra cool on any desk. But this is something unique: a backpack with a pixel display on the front. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

Now, with everything off you can see, it just looks like a normal backpack. You got a compartment over here. Okay, the main compartment will hold a 15 to 17 inch laptop quite easily. There is a usb cable because this device is going to need power, so i’m going to pop my power bank in right now plug it in slot the power bank into one of the pockets, so 13 inch macbook pro is going in nice. That’S actually perfect!

For the macbook pro you’ve got a bit more space there as well. Maybe a 15 inch laptop will fit as well and it’s secure in place and then you’ve got the entire bag for anything else. You want so lots of space. That’S the bag part out the way check this out. People.

Imagine what you can do with this, so this backpack has this led display built in so you can do all sorts of things now create pixel art, be it your logo, emoji or a certain graphic. You can express yourself and explore the creative side, it connects to your smartphone and you can customize everything. You can also play some basic games. You’Ve got tetris and a whole bunch of other games at the top, and your controller and your phone then becomes a game controller. This is a great concept.

I really really like what drum have done with this, so some other features that you wouldn’t expect you’ve got design, so you can design your own pixel. You can see you can write anything draw anything you like and save it check this out, people a stopwatch start. You can see the stopwatch counting down the seconds. Let me know what you guys think of this one. This is definitely something new that we haven’t seen before, so the devoom piksu backpack people, so the next product we have here is also by devoom.

This is the brand new pixu max, so the pixelmax is a similar concept as the backpack. I just showed you, but you’ve got a top. Quality 9.6 inch led display – and this is the current time right now, 10, 38 and look how cool that graphic looks. So exactly same concept, the smartphone app will allow you to customize everything you see on that display, so the very cool looking pixel max by d boom now here is a brand new octa-core tablet by dragon touch.

It’S called the max 10 You have a 10.1 inch ips display. You’Ve got an optical cpu clocked at 1.6. Gigahertz and you’ve got three gigs of ram with 32 gigs of internal storage.

Now the actual screen quality is okay, the brightness is not quite there. We are. We are roughly 70 brightness. If i put it on max, then it’s a lot better, but if you drop it down to 50 percent, you can barely see the screen. So this does have dual band.

Wi-Fi you’ve got a 5 000 milliamp hour battery built in which will give you 10 hours of usage, and this is running stock. Android 10. Quickly play a video and see how it looks now. The speakers are quite loud. I wouldn’t say that the best quality i’ve ever heard, but they are loud enough.

So quick pros and cons from what i’ve learned so far outdated, design, thick and heavy display is not as bright as i would have liked it to be viewing angles are not great, but the plus points you’ve got a 10.1 inch. Ips display octa-core performance, three gigs of ram 32 gigs of internal storage. You can expand the storage with a micro sd card up to one to eight gigs. You’Ve got dual band wi-fi and a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, so plenty of juice to keep you going, and this is running stock, android 10, which is fast in performance.

So the benchmark of all benchmarks call of duty mobile. You can play on low graphics settings with a medium frame rate and we’re going to quickly test out that game place we’re charlie, so the game works, but there is a bit of stutter. So not the best call of duty experience. That’S for sure. So there’s a balance there that you need to weigh down 149.

9 dragon touch max 10. Do let me know in the comments what you guys think of this one. We’Ve got two products here, totally different brands: okay, they are both massage guns. So, first of all the keycard k2 mini. If we check this one out user manual carrying pouch and there, you go nicely arranged: [ Applause, ] wow, that’s nice, nice, build quality, completely metal, build kika logo, green and silver usb type-c at the bottom, and then you’ve got five different heads all right.

Amazon and Foxshopcenter Gadgets Review

Okay, attach a head turn the power on the default power, so you’ve got some pain on your arm. Your leg, any part of your body whoa. That does feel good. That’S powerful, that’s nice! This will help relieve that pain. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

It’S a percussion massager, but look at the size of it. It’S tiny! It means you can pop it in the bag and take it to the gym. It’S great for pre and post workout. You’Ve got four modes, so that’s mode, one mode, two, which is much more powerful wow and we’re not finished mode.

Three and they’re color coded that is wow, but you’ve got ta, be careful with this one wow. That is another level right there. I’Ve actually got a bit of pain on my forearm here. Oh that feels really good. Let’S do the last mode.

The fourth mode is really slow, soft and slow massage. If that’s what you need, it weighs only 248 grams. It comes with a carry case 8.5 hour battery usb c charging, and it is 3200 rpm, so lots of power there, so kika k2 mini and this one is called mirage. Massage gun carrying pouch you’ve got your user manual inside there.

All metal design, 360 grams. You’Ve got four heads in this box. Here we go power button on the back, keep the power button pressed and you’ve got your massager on. So here we go. Wow feels great.

I love percussion massages. Now you have three modes: that’s mode, one mode, two, which is a bit more powerful, yep, nice and mode three, which is the highest setting. Let’S go on the arm that actually hurts yeah. Oh that’s, nice! Now i like that this one has a rubber grip on both sides.

It’S slightly weighty at 360 grams, 3200, rpm 7 to 12.5 hours of battery life, depending on what mode you’re using it on, and you do have usb c charging and you can see the charger port right there. If you use this before, you start a certain exercise, it will get your muscles ready for it and less chance of injury, and if you use it after your exercise, it will help you recover the mirage mini massage gun people. Now the next two products are also quite interesting. We have the rimo mic light. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

I’Ve got two versions here: we’ve got the apple version with the lightning connection like iphones and ipads, and this one here is the usbc version for usbc devices. So here is my iphone. So, let’s just plug that in you’ll see the power turn on. So this is powered by your iphone battery. So you don’t need to worry about charging this device so you’ve plugged in the receiving unit – and here is the actual microphone you can see.

Volume, control and a power button and you’ve got your type c charging port at the bottom. So you have to charge this microphone up. First and you’ve got a crocodile clip, so you can hook it onto your clothes. So if we switch on the power, a blue light will turn on and one will flash and it’s paired, and you know it works when you see the voice leveler moving up and down. So you know this microphone is working, so the microphone is now ready to use.

So we’re going to do a quick test, so we are now recording. You can hear the audio test. I will leave the room because this has an operating distance of up to 30 meters. So if i go into one of the end rooms and carry on talking at a normal volume, you should be able to hear me loud and clear. So this is a wireless microphone for your smartphone, taking things to a more professional level than what you’re used to so remo mic, lite, usbc and lightning version.

So if you’re into smartphone vlogging – which i do a lot myself great way to enhance that smartphone audio, it means that you can get more creative with a 30 meter working range. It means that you can be recorded from a distance of 30 meters and your voice can be heard as if you are right next to the phone so built in rechargeable battery usb c. Charging you’ve got your microphone volume there in case it’s too loud. You can use it on laptops, tablets, computers, phones, the choice is yours, so definitely check out the remo mic, lite people. So next up, we’ve got two boxes: the robot vacuum cleaner by prosenic, it’s the m7 pro and in this box we have the self emptying charging docking station closer. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

Look at the vacuum. Cleaner you’ve got 24 built-in sensors going all the way around. So that’s for collision detection, avoiding obstacles etc. At the bottom, you’ve got your two side brushes a 360 roller, so it can maneuver in different directions and you’ve got these massive rubber tires with lots of grip and your regular vacuum roller in the center. Now, on the top, there is a power button and a home button, and over here is your compartment, your dust compartment.

Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

So you can empty the dust by just opening the top. All the dust will be there empty it away. There’S the filter filter can be cleaned. There is a built-in brush to clean that filter every now and then and when you’re done slide it back in. I want to quickly show you that this cannot only vacuum.

It can also mop. So you’ve got a mop attachment. Fill it up with some water close the flap, and this simply connects to the back that is it simple as that that is all you do, and this vacuum cleaner will then know to mop the floor. So here is your multifunctional docking station. It will automatically keep your vacuum charged.

At the same time when you open the lid, you will see your dust bin capacity. Disposable bag can hold up to a month’s worth of dust, and then you simply throw the bag away. It comes with a spare bag and you can pick up these bags relatively cheap and just to show you that this does work is not installed. I’Ll show you. If it’s collected dust wow, look at that dust people!

Now we are going to now empty the dustbin into the docking station. [ Music ] wow proper empty. If you recall all the dust was stuck to the filter that is now empty, so that was the proscenic m7 pro robot vacuum cleaner people. Now here we have the bow maker, dab, plus radio, it’s a digital radio, but also a wireless bluetooth speaker. It supports bluetooth version 5. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

On the back, you will see your ports and there is a size usb port, so you can actually play music from a usb drive and on the top, you’ve got a 2.4 inch lcd display if we just switch on the radio so playing bluetooth music. First of all , the infectable before are able to work at home more safely,  so that was bowl, maker’s multifunctional bluetooth, speaker featuring dab, plus fm radio, usb music playback and lots more. This one might be one of my favorite products of this episode definitely check this one out people, so these are called the rexo elipods x by ellie phone, and here is the charging case with the rexo logos on the front, and when you open the lid, you Will be introduced to the ear buds themselves, and here they are. They support bluetooth version 5.

They feature hybrid, active noise cancellation. You have dual microphones, a 600 milliamp hour charger box, which will give you 30 hours from the charging case, and each earbud will give you around six to seven hours battery life and it takes one and a half hours to fully charge these earbuds. Now they are ipx5 water resistance, they’re, very comfortable in the air. You’Ve got a airpods pro style design. They stay in place, they are secure. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

You got a decent amount of bass as well, and sound quality is not bad. So those were the rexo elephods x, with hybrid anc nice for the price, let’s see what’s next so next up we are looking at smart fitness watches. I have two new models to check out. One is called the mibro air and the other one is the kw. 66 by emmylab, so let’s begin with the imilab kw 66 smart fitness watch and here is the watch itself.

So we have a 1.28 inch ips display with a screen resolution of 240 by 240 You have 13 sports modes built in along with a 24 hour heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, ip68, water resistance. This does support. Custom watch faces quite a few watch faces built in that you can change to now battery life. You can expect 15 days from normal use and 30 days standby dimensions.

It’S 45 millimeters in diameter, with a thickness of 10 8 millimeters the wrist straps are made from silicon. They are removable and replaceable with your own 22 millimeter band. Now the body is made from metal with a zinc alloy case. There is no gps built in to this watch and i’ll quickly. Show you how this looks on my wrist, so slick.

Looking watch ips display fairly bright screen comfortable on the wrist and for the price. This is going to give you basic fitness tracking and step counter along with a long battery, so the imilab kw, 66 smart. Fitness watch and, of course, a quick look at the mibro air, smart fitness watch. We’Ve got a metal body and bezel, and the back is made from plastic now. The dimensions 42 millimeters in diameter, 9. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

millimeters in thickness, so very slim and light you’ve – got a 1.28 inch tft display. So this one has a tft display. It actually doesn’t look bad at all. Now you do have 12 sports modes built in 24 hour.

Heart rate sensor, you’ve got automatic sleep tracking ip68 water resistance. Changeable watch faces loving that menu now battery life. You can expect 10 days from normal usage and 25 days of standby. Now the wrist straps are made from silicon and you can remove and replace these with any 20 millimeter band, and this watch does not have gps built in and there you go people a very interesting menu navigation and, as you turn that circle, you can actually feel Haptic feedback, so they tried to take a page out of samsung’s book and i really do like the menus. So for the price.

This is not bad at all. Another basic fitness tracking watch with long battery life, no gps, but small, comfortable and light on the wrist mibro air. Smart fitness watch. So this is the dq6 android tv box. This is everything you get in the box, so user manual, hdmi, cable, standard, infrared, remote control and a power supply 5 volts 2 amps. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

The tv box has an external antenna which you can just screw on. This is powered by the rockchip 3318, with four gigs of ram 64 gigs of internal storage. You have dual band wi-fi with megabyte lan, along with your optical av hdmi. This has two usb ports and a micro sd card slot. Now you also have bluetooth 4.

, and this box is running android 10. Now i’m not a big fan of the rockchip 3318, as i already know what to expect in terms of performance so expect a low end tv box priced under 30. Pounds comes with google play store and android 10 decent enough for streaming, but not great for gaming or emulation, so that was the dq6 android tv box. People, let’s see what’s next kicker s1 fast charging stand an interesting design. First of all, it’s a compact foldable wireless charging stand so it opens out like so, but it’s also adjustable so you can adjust the height and you’ve got usb c port on the back check the iphone on top, and it is indeed wirelessly charging.

Amazon Dropshipping

This is nice. Wow, you can adjust the angle. However, you want so expect 20 watts dual wireless charging, it’s compact and foldable. So when you’re not using it, it folds away nicely so great portability to travel with. So that was the s1 fast charging stand and i have to say i really do like the design.

So what’s next on this call list, the iwalk link me watch and at the bottom born for apple watch and iphone charging. So that’s what it’s born for. So let’s get this box open, so power bank is small and compact in size. It’S made from plastic and you’ve got this rubberized texture going all the way around. There is a built-in lightning cable, so you can plug this directly into your iphone, which i am about to do and there you go. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

My iphone actually needs a charge and then you’ve got a battery capacity of 9000 milliamp hours. You can charge your apple watch by just placing it on top apple watch immediately. Charging this also supports pass-through technology, so very convenient and saving product 9 000 milliamp hours. So that was the iwalk link. Me watch power bank people now here we have the mag faster.

It’S the fastest ever magnetic touch charging system. We have ever seen and supports up to 120 watts of fast charging. It will also make your non wireless charging phone into a wireless charging phone and i will show you what i mean in a bit. But first of all, you have a power bank, and this is a 5 000 milliamp hour power bank. I will explain how it works in a bit.

You’Ve got these universal charge. Stickers touch stickers, they are very important as they are the heart of the operation and in one package you get two one is for lightning and the other one is for usb type-c devices. You also get a desktop charging stand with a usbc cable, a magnetic touch, gaming dock with an extra long, usbc, cable and a magnetic touch car mount so quickly. Show you how this works here is my iphone 11 pro max grab the lightning cable sticker. There is a sticker here that you peel back and you stick it directly on the phone and if you did peel back that sticker, this will be proper, secure in place.

So another source you could use is the desktop charger check it. On top and away you go if you want to play games and you want to charge at the same time, so that was mag faster, as you saw, it works extremely well, and when you go online and see their prices, you will be pleasantly surprised. So definitely check them out all right. A whole bunch of goodies from a company called switchbot, so i’ll quickly go through them. We have the switchbot curtains, so you can make your curtains smart in seconds. Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

So once you connect this up, and apparently it’s very easy to connect, you’ll be able to open and close your curtains using your smartphone. We also have a switchbot hub mini it’s a compact, all-in-one infrared, remote control for your smart home. This little hub here allows you to connect any switchbot device to your smartphone and then it will allow you to work it with elixir voice, control, google assistant or even siri shortcuts. What else do we have? We have a switchbot bot, so you can mechanically press any rocker switch or on and off button like a light switch again where you can control that with your smart home.

Here you have a thermometer, a wireless temperature and humidity sensor for your smart home. We’Ve got another switchbot bot. We’Ve actually got three of these switchbot bots to use around the house. You also have a switchbot remote, so this is a remote for your switchboard products. So here is the switchbot curtain, so this will basically hook onto your curtain rod and you would press this button.

Secure it in place. So switchboard kern is very easy to use, download the app and follow the simple on-screen instructions, and this will truly make your curtains. Smart in seconds, so there you have it guys that was another epic lineup of cool tech products, episode 51 I’Ll see you guys again next month with another episode, showcasing some of the coolest tech that i set my eyes on now. Let me know in the description box, which ones were your favorite from the bunch. Meanwhile, all the links are provided for you in the description box below so you can check any of these products out for yourself.

Thank you so much for watching, and i hope you all have a brilliant day. I’Ll see you guys in the next one . Latest Gadgets You Must See Coolest Tech of the Month DEC 2023

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