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The new home robot from Amazon aims to be the ultimate helper, delivering you a drink, guarding your home and lending a hand . Amazon’s Astro Robot Joined My Family for Two Weeks. Here’s My Review.

Astro. Bring this sippy cup to the living room. Thank you astro. One house, one tech friendly family and one eager new robot the amazon astro that wants nothing more than to become a member of the family. Okay, Astro out of my way.

So is this autonomous all saying Alexa on wheels worthy of becoming the next edition to your family? I did not anticipate that reviewing Amazon’s new $1,000 invite only robot was going to cause so much drama, excitement and privacy questions. In my home.

To put it to the test, we designed four challenges always aimed to test Astros tech and ability to bond with humans please and pets of all ages. Astro come everything it attempts smile will be judged by Joanna Stern who’s known for telling it like it is her device reviews this house is so loud.

A robot has not made it any quieter astro. Your first challenge is to learn to coexist in our busy space. You need to do this without harming my wife. Are you a fan of Astro Michelle? No, my two kids and my dog nervous me too.

Astro has various stereo depth navigation and obstacle sensors that allow it to autonomously navigate its surroundings When you first set it up. Astro does a full tour. To learn your space. Starting exploration, please move a few feet back. Okay, it can’t do stairs so it’s only one level.

Amazon’s Astro Robot Joined 

Then you tell it which room is which, this is the living room, It creates a map in the Astro app and you can rename each space honestly Astro learned where things are in the house faster than my mother in law and Astro might be a better driver than her.

Too nice stop. There have been a couple of times where Astro seems like it’s just driving drunk, having a hard time figuring out where it is. Don’t let it figure it out for a second. You can also enable a facial recognition feature.

Go find Joanna, a robot that’s always looking for your face. It can be creepy. So I called up amazon’s Dave limp to ask exactly where the data goes first. Look for a human blob all locally and then secondly, we if you trained your face we can then greet you by name that’s all processed locally. Not none of that goes to the cloud. Amazon’s Astro Robot Joined My Family for Two Weeks. Here’s My Review.

The vector doesn’t go to the cloud, nothing. You can also turn off all mics, cameras and sensors by pressing this button. Coexists challenge task Astro. We do not have any freeloaders in this house. Your challenge will be to chip in and help out with chores.

I wish Astro would actually talk back but he just makes these sounds when you ask it a question that needs an audible response. You get Alexa. What’s the weather today? The current weather is 30°F with cloudy skies. Astro has this little container back here with the charging port.

This cup holder fits on top too. The only problem is that Astro doesn’t have arms to put things in the cupholder. Astro go to the living room. Astro has a hangout feature where the robot will proactively go to the spaces it knows you frequent, so it’s right there to help multiple times a day.

Astro just decides it’s going to get off its charging station and go hang out in the center of the kitchen, go back to the station, go to your charging station, you can turn off the hangout feature and an amazon spokeswoman says the company is working on improving it and every time I just see Astro sitting around and Astro is in it’s normal spot.

I wonder why aren’t you cleaning the floors like all the other household robots, the solution to all of our problems.

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Times around and dragged all the dirt into the kitchen where now somebody will have to pick it up. It’s yours. Challenge fail Astro. I’m going out for a while Patrol and make sure the home stays secure. Amazon’s Astro Robot Joined My Family for Two Weeks. Here’s My Review.

Astro has a periscope with a 12 megapixel camera and then another five megapixel camera with IR LED S for low light. It also has a five megapixel camera on the screen. Through the Astro app, you can see a view of those cameras and send the robot to different parts of the house to see what’s going on. If you have a ring protect pro plan, you can send Astro to away mode and it will patrol and be on the lookout for people. It doesn’t know.

And so there was only one thing to do.

Where are my eyes. I’m going in. Mm hmm. What are you, what are you gonna do?

Yeah, punch me stealing this took a shoot kids. Okay. If I was a real bad guy, I’d probably just do this there. Okay. To be fair, I got an alert on my phone during all of this that there was a possible intruder and from there I could turn on this.

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Still Astros stuck on one floor. It can be buggy and I feel like my security system and ring doorbell have us covered. Amazon’s Astro Robot Joined My Family for Two Weeks. Here’s My Review.

So while it was close patrol challenge astro, your challenge will be to babysit our four year old good luck. Astro is really an echo show on wheels, Alexa can video call, play videos and even games and like an echo, you can put it in kids mode to make sure it only displays age appropriate content set limits, et cetera. The kids love astro astro.

We are not buying the extreme farts extension pack, a good babysitter. There goes this challenge, but really it’s very good with the kids challenge. Amazon’s Astro Robot Joined My Family for Two Weeks. Here’s My Review.

Astro, this is a tough decision. The kids love you and you’re one of the most advanced consumer gadgets I’ve seen in years, but right now you just don’t do enough to be vital to our household. Perhaps by the time amazon releases you to a broader group of people.

You’ll have earned that spot in our household. The family is going to miss you dearly. Good boy. But I’ve come up with some ways to replace you, Tune in next time for Astro Gen two friends. Hello?

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