Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup, Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2023

Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2023

Unboxing, setup & review of Amazon’s Echo Show 10, a 3rd-gen Alexa-powered smart speaker and rotating screen, my new .

So amazon has just upgraded its beefy echo smart display with this third generation, echo show 10 an alexa powered tabletop gizmo that can track your every movement while silently plotting your doom or just silently, showing you a good recipe for cupcakes. Of course, the equal shore 10. Certainly, ain’t cheap it’ll cost you the same, only random price of 228 pounds when it hits blighty this thursday, but it is also a really clever bugger and a strong rival to google’s nest hub max. So what i’m going to do now is walk you through the setup process. Take you on a tour of the best and the main features, and then we’ll finish with my full review of the amazon.

Echo show 10. and if you haven’t done already, please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers. So first up, let’s see what you actually get in the box, so there’s the actual amazon, echo sure 10. What an absolute beast that is, and you also get a quick start guide and the power adapter, and that’s your bloody, lock, nice and easy right so step one for setting up the echo show 10 uh, basically bung the power cable in and then stick the other End in the wall and we have life and because the echo show 10 has a built-in touch screen. You just walk through the actual setup process. Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2023. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

Right here on the display. It’S nice and simple, all you’ve got to do is select. Your wireless network enter the password and then enter your amazon details and, as you can see, and then get greeted hello, you’ve then got to tell the echo show exactly where you’re going to place it, and this basically helps it to determine how far it can rotate Either side, so, let’s start with a look at the design of the amazon. Echo show 10, and i think it goes without saying that it is a bit of a beast as far as small displays are concerned. You’Ll definitely want plenty of tabletop space, especially when you consider the fact that screen does swivel about the place as well as far as the construction.

Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup Tour 

It’S essentially a tablet bolted onto a speaker, as you can see there, it’s primarily constructed from plastic, which is 30 recycled. We’Ve also got 100 recycled fabric in there as well, and some 100 recycled aluminium. You can grab this bad boy in two different colors. You’Ve got charcoal otherwise this lovely glacier white model which i’m going to put in the kitchen, and it’s probably going to get splashed with tomato sauce under the gloop rather swiftly. So maybe i should have gone with that black model.

Now, if you look up here on top of the amazon echo show 10 you’ve got a selection of physical controls there, so you’ve got volume, controls for reason or the volume of your media. You’Ve also got a mic mute button. If you want a bit of privacy for whatever reason, you’re gon na, be seeing something particularly incriminating and as you can see there, you do have a little red led which flashes on when the mic is muted and you’ll. Get this red bar at the bottom. As well just to further highlight the fact that alexa is muted and who puts spinach on a pizza really ugh, and if you require even further privacy getting up to something really wild in your kitchen, then you do actually have a camera shield as well, which is Completely covers that camera lens.

You know that uh, the echo sureten, is not watching what you’re getting up to, although that does unfortunately uh then disable some of the best features of the echo show 10. So i’m just going to leave that uncovered. Now you can just use the echo show 10’s touch screen controls to access the main features, which is sometimes helpful, but the main point of it is you’ve got that alexa assistant built in there. So you can boss it around just using your voice and the echo show 10’s built-in microphones work really really well, i’m just at the other end of the studio right now, i’m going to play something really loud in the background and then just speak normally to the Echo show and you’ll see just how good those mics are alexa as well. What’S the time in new york right now so lego pieces says the intense pit watching competition and, as you can see there blazing success. Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2023

The echo shawten clearly heard me over my own ramblings on youtube in the background, and i personally find that alexa assistant comes in really handy when you want to control all of your smart home goodies as well, so you can just say: alexa turn off studio lights. Okay, job done and because i’ve owned amazon echo devices in the past, i’ve already set up and configured my smart home goodies and all of that stuff. But if you haven’t done that already, then all you need to do is download the amazon alexa app for android or ios, and this makes it very easy to set up all of your smart devices. All you need to do is dive into the devices section down at the bottom there and then you can quickly add an echo speaker, any smart lights, uh, smart home security cameras, whatever else you’ve got, the good news is in 2021. Alexa supports pretty much anything.

 Review | Best Smart Display 2023

You could imagine so, certainly when it comes to, for instance, smart lights, look at all of these different brands that are supported pretty much anything you could imagine from the setup. Is nice and easy and you can group uh all of your smart home goodies as well, depending on which room they’re in or which section of a room? So it’s all nice and intuitive, and then it just makes the voice controls nice and easy. And this app is a great way of checking out all the various skills that alexa can do as well. So uh gives you an idea of the kind of smarts that she’s capable of and if you go to more and then the settings, that’s where you can also set up all of your services such as netflix, spotify, ids or whatever you’ll subscribe to. Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2023, amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

So you can play them directly through alexa, and the amazon echo show 10 is powered by the mediatek, 8183 chipset and touchwood. So far the performance seems absolutely fine. That touchscreen is very responsive, alexa, certainly very responsive, as well as for that screen. When it’s a 10.1 inch ips panel with a 1280 by 800 pixel resolution, so not super super crisp, but absolutely fine for just you know, kick out with a bit of netflix or a spot of youtube.

But while you’re mincing your carrots or whatever or maybe chuck on a video from some bold foul mouth nubber to keep you mildly entertained, while you’re roasting a ham, these are the supported services uh right now. So as you see, prime video on netflix. Obviously, two of the the bigger ones out there youtube you will have to actually stream videos via the browser. You got the built-in silk browser on here as well as firefox, sadly, no disney plus action uh, just yet, but hopefully that’ll be coming at some point and i’ve got to say the audio quality on the echo show 10 as well, pretty solid stuff, no b. For that whatsoever, what you got packed inside of that thing is two one inch tweeters and a three inch woofer as well to cover the laws.

Now watford is something that you don’t get in smaller echo show devices like the echo show. Eight definitely makes a difference if you’re gon na be enjoying a nice bit of hip-hop rock, something like that. Just adds a bit of extra meat to that audio. I don’t think the overall audio clarity is as good as something like the google nest hub max, which did a fine job of picking out some of those finer details in tracks, but overall boost the volume up and it will absolutely pound your eardrum. So certainly apps85 is just blasting a bit of metal, something like that now, as well as using that small display to watch a bit of netflix youtube whatever you can also have it scroll through a variety of useful information, etc.

So, for instance, you can have a display in upcoming calendar events. You can see how your footy team’s getting on, which, in my case, good bit of sunderland action. Often i just don’t even want to know and as you’ve seen uh recipes and things like that as well, but you can’t knock any of this stuff off. If you don’t want it, and if you dive on into the settings as well, you can also set up the echo short tens, which basically acts like a giant digital photo frame when it’s not in use either using photos uploaded to your amazon photos account you get Unlimited storage in there, if you’re, a prime member by the way, otherwise just facebook, albums that you’ve uploaded or just random crap. That amazon has picked out and you’ve got butt loads of other features.

Buried away in here as well like a dedicated night mode, which you can either schedule or you can have it automatically pop on whenever the room that the echo is set in, is a dark. Now, of course, one of the more unique features here on the amazon echo show 10 is its slightly unnerving ability to track you, as you are moving about the room you can set this up at any point by diving on into the settings and then going to . Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2023. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

The motion section, otherwise you can just use your voice, say alexa, follow me and this feature is creepy for sure, but it’s also very handy, as that screen can actually swivel almost a full 180 degrees. It’S really handy in the kitchen, for instance, you’re moving about the place while you’re watching something you don’t miss any of the action, or also when you’re video chatting with people assuming that you’re not absolutely sick to death of talking with your family over the internet. By now, unfortunately, you do have to manually tilt the display up and down to get the perfect view uh. It can’t do that automatically, but to be fair, the viewing angles are nice and wide.

So that’s not really an issue. Oh, and this feature also keeps small children highly entertained as well so double bonus and when you’ve had enough just say, alexa stop following me: you creep ass, so yeah, undeniably impressive stuff, but amazon maybe consider stopping here yeah, because i can already see the next generation Of echo shores, probably gon na, have built-in arms and legs, at which point these things are gon na stop, murdering us in our sleep, terminator 12 rise of the echo shows and when it’s possible for us to actually start going on holidays and things again as well.

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You’Ll actually be able to use the echo show 10 as a home security device. All you need to do is dive into settings and then go to camera and, as you can see, the home monitoring option is in there, with this enabled you’ll be able to use the amazon alexa app to get a view of whatever is going on in whatever Room the amazon echo show is in and if you tap live view, you’ll see that [ __ ] all happens. All you need to do is open up that alexa app on your smartphone go to devices then go to cameras up top and, as you can see there, echo show 10 give that little tappy tap, tap and you’ll get a warning on the actual display on the Amazon, echo show just to say that somebody is streaming and then eventually we should hopefully get an actual picture that she blows and, as you can see, you’ve got a nice clear view of whatever’s going on in that room.

You can actually swipe the camera to move it about as well. So that’s really handy to get a nice full view of the room and you can even communicate with uh whoever happens to be on screen as well uh using the mic. Oh getting a nice bit of echo action on the go, so what do i think of the amazon echo show 10 after using it in my kitchen as a full-time, smart display for a good few days? Well, i got ta say i really really like it. In fact, it’s hands down the best smart display that i’ve used the sound quality, isn’t quite as good as some dedicated smart speakers, and i do prefer the audio that comes out of the google nest hub max as well, but in terms of the actual screen itself.

Absolutely fantastic perfect for a nice bit of youtube netflix, something like that, while you’re busy mashing your spuds, that rotating screen really is a game changer in the kitchen, when i’m moving from the sink to the hobs, to the oven, uh constantly on the go means, i Can still keep on watching whatever i’m doing or keep an eye on the recipe or, if i’m busy skyping with the forks back home, while i’m cooking and stuff as well, it’s perfect means they don’t have just a view of a ceiling or a wall uh when I’M out of shot so yeah. Amazon Echo Show 10 | Setup Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2023. amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

definitely not cheap, but if you’re looking for a device to enjoy a good bit of movies or tv shows or whatever or do skyping in a place like a kitchen where you’re gon na be moving around a lot, it’s definitely highly Recommended so that’s what i think anyway, but let me know your own thoughts on the amazon echo show 10 down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell, if you haven’t already for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week, cheers everyone love you . amazon review products, amazon best gadgets foxshopcenter, amazon dropshipping,shopify dropshipping,amazon and aliexpress gadgets.

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