remember the good old days when life was just simpler. Remember those happier times when times seemed to just pass a little slower. There really was something special about getting await for days for a Dear John letter, but of course everything wasn’t so simple back. Then there was a time when the products in your home made you work for them instead of working for you, but luckily big blind companies saw an opportunity for innovation and gave us window coverings, so smart, so advanced, so state-of-the-art. They could be controlled on demand from the palm of your hand, and would you believe us if we told you the development of window coverings, stopped there until now meet my smart blinds the simplest smartest solar-powered window coverings since antennas and dial-up Alexa open my smart blinds? 10 COOL NEW GADGETS YOU NEED TO SEE

Okay, opening my smart blinds, [ Laughter, ], [, Music ] hold on. Let’S see that again that right there is my smart blinds: patented smart, lock technology, the only built-in blind hardware that allows you to install your blinds in seconds. Smart lock combines friction, adhesion and compression to stay as tight as a pair of your high school jeans in your window frame so easy, even your grandma could do it. My smart blinds will pay for themselves in energy savings, giving you extra cash to spend on all your guilty pleasures fast food online shopping and all that stuff. Your friends are trying to sell you on Facebook sound too good to be true.

Well, it’s not you see! Hidden up there inside the motor are sensors that tell the blinds when the room has had enough Sun. The blinds will automatically shut, protecting your floors and furniture and keeping your home nice and cool saving. You money, pretty smart with set it and forget it scheduling you. Don’T need a clock or a smart phone or even a brain for that matter.


My smart blinds. Do the thinking for you set your schedule once and forget about it, pretty smart, no more having to wonder whether you really did remember to close your blinds before jumping in the shower, with my smart blinds, you can even secure your home while you’re away maintaining privacy Wherever you are, the my smart blinds hub brings Bluetooth control to the cloud, so you can be anywhere in the world and have access to your home, pretty smart with Sun tracking. My smart blinds will maintain the light levels you prefer year-round. So if you like waking up to sunlight and enjoying privacy at sunset, my smart blinds will automatically change your tilting times as the seasons change Plus. With the help of the my smart blinds solar panel, your blinds will stay charged year round pretty smart and if you already have blinds, you can turn those retro non.

Intelligent, low IQ blinds into smart, blinds no tools or diploma necessary with our automation kit. A big thanks to our loyal Kickstarter backers that helped us bring the kit to market in 2016 and don’t miss us the spring when we’re back with my smart blinds for roller shades honey where those photos from our trip to Bora Bora

. This is Jack, Jack, Anne’s, wife, loved to take vacations, but vacations mean photos and photos mean files, lots of them put that all together and you have a recipe for disaster in the Attic hate it up here. So do your files so like most people jack, relies on free accounts from places like Dropbox and Google Drive just to stay afloat, but what if there was a way to offer truly endless file storage with speeds? Never before seen with no monthly subscription meat file gear file gear lets, you take your files from your hard drives computers, cloud drives and mobile devices and puts them all together. 10 COOL NEW GADGETS YOU NEED TO SEE

Finally, giving you access to everything you own in one convenient place once you’ve connected a device file gear automatically analyzes and organizes each and every file into categories allowing you to browse through your photos, videos, music or documents by date, location, content and more honey. I found it with file gear. Sharing. Things like photos is a breeze you can share by links email or by using the apps. You already know, and love like Facebook, Instagram and Google file gear can be used by other family members too.

So you don’t have to pay for multiple storage accounts for each user. Now, let’s talk about safety. We already know that file gear is way faster than a cloud, but it’s also way more secure as well, and that’s because your files live right here at home hi. I’M Doug founder of file gear. I needed a way to organize all of my files without spending a ton of time to get it done.

So I teamed up with some of the world’s greatest coders and engineers and after two years of development, I’m very proud to introduce you to file gear, but we need your help to prepare expensive, tooling and place volume orders for production so be one of the first To own this groundbreaking device and finally get a hold of your digital life, so great price, incredible speeds, total security and no monthly fees. I’M sold. Where do I sign up file here? Don’T go in the attic today. Most of us spend too much time indoors and glued to one screen or another.

The result is a growing population with poor or degrading eyesight. More children are suffering from nearsightedness than ever before, impacting their happiness and their ability to learn now, there’s an easy fun way for you to take control of your family’s vision, health with IQ insight, you can test visual acuity or how close to 20/20 year vision is Anywhere anytime, rather than waiting for an annual exam or your child’s next school screening, you can test your family’s eyes and monitor vision, changes in real-time from the comfort and convenience of your home to get started. Launch the my IQ app next sign in to your family members. Individual profile attach the insight goggles to your smartphone. The insight test is gamified and fun for the whole family.

Your child just follows: the on-screen prompts hey look in the goggles. Can you see me hello out there and in a couple of minutes, you’ll know who’s seeing clearly or whose vision may need to be corrected with eyeglasses? You can also test how well your current classes are performing and kids love to see more, the animated host and his rewards, and now your no sticker. Let’S take a look insight test results are automatically captured and stored in the secure IQ cloud, so you can access your account from anywhere. This makes it easy to track changes in your family’s vision and share that information.

With your eye doctor IQ insight, the most accurate 20/20 visual acuity test on your smartphone, a great way to make vision care a priority for you and your family [ Music ], you hi. This is Joel from vendor music. We’Ve designed this that you can play with friends to for [, Music ], hey guys thanks for watching our video. We truly love the process of developing an affordable electronic saxophone, but we can’t make this reality without your help. We are launching a Kickstarter campaign later this year, so please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, so you can stay up to date with the latest vind or news.

Bob is on a mission to get serious about being secure online, but every solution out there is either convenient or secure. Not both only key is the solution for this problem that provides the perfect balance of both serious about security and getting things done only T stores accounts securely offline. This means that, unlike software, only key can protect your information, even if a hack occurs. If you lose only key, no problem its pin, protected and useless without the pin, only one pin to remember for all of your accounts, plus only key supports two-factor authentication touch a button to login to online accounts, your computer or practically anything. If you can type the password, only key can type it for you.

Amazon and Foxshopcenter Gadgets Review

It works practically everywhere: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, Android and even iPhone. It’S waterproof, durable and about the size of a house key that easily attaches to a keychain Bob’s password drama is over now. If he could get serious about secure communication, all of his emails and chat messages are unencrypted. This means they could be intercepted by a hacker or even a government intelligence agency, but every solution out there is either convenient or secure, not both instead of complicated solutions. Secure communication is as simple as highlighting the text to encrypt and confirming on only key Bob just needs to know.

Alice’S, Facebook, Twitter or email to look up, Alice’s key base account and send a secure chat or email to Alice. Bob and Alice can keep using the email and chat they like Facebook, Messenger slack, Gmail and others. Bob highlights text to encrypt and confirms on only key Alice confirms on only key to decrypt. It works practically everywhere with the key safely offline. On the only key.

Now Bob is making real progress, but what about the future? Is he ready for whatever comes next? Only he is ready with an adaptable future ready framework. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and aetherium can be secured, with only key with quantum computers. Current encryption may soon become obsolete.

If we meet our stretch, goals, only key will build cryptocurrency support and be the first commercially available post quantum crypto device, while other devices unable to adapt will be left in the dust. Only key will be ready to secure the future feel like a smart fallback in here. The environment here light uniquely utilizes digital, sound language. There is no need for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or ZigBee just scan a QR code or download the heel light per lap. Heel light has 16 million RGB colors, it can give you whatever colors you can imagine. 10 COOL NEW GADGETS YOU NEED TO SEE

Heel light is a smart bulb that is suitable for any lights. Its sound chip inside can respond to environments and therefore adapt to all situations. It can detect your emotions, it can light up the second you snap, your fingers heel light, doesn’t just change color. She can feel the variation of music rhythm and start changing. You can also blow heel light out, just like a candle.

If it’s Halloween he’ll light will deliver flickering lights, if it’s Christmas, he’ll light will become softer and tender. play with the app and you can call out all the effects open the app and you can choose whatever theme you want for party lovers, kill light is also pretty cool. She can provide you with a colorful atmosphere at home. Each time you clink glasses, he’ll, light nose and tears for you, too [ Music, ], he’ll lights, adjustable timer for lights off is the best company. As you are falling asleep.

When you wake up the next morning, she will detect your motion and fade in at the same time like a coward. She can be terrified by horror stories. [ Music, ] he’ll light can even transform into fireflies flying around you as you need her he’ll light will always stay with you he’ll light a smart bulb that can hear the environment. The CEO of, as we know, some Californian projects, have a good discussion at the beginning, but the failure to deliver third and finally to solve this problem. I created in my ecology, micro Knology is a company craft ideas prototypes and products then to make them excellent and successfully delivered.

In the past three years I started several continued and the delivers of the first all of my backers. He light is a product from my friend ray I reach to their company and the factory and take a long time to test the samples, so I can guarantee it’s possible and can be delivered on time. In case you don’t receive the product on our company is falling so twice committing to build a screen to their favorite hook and enjoy delight think about your everyday life. If you like me, you probably spend most of your time indoors, the lack of sunlight, dim rooms and poor quality lighting all have harmful effects on our well being, and it’s frustrating. This is why we created loose the first light tracking wearable, an app that takes care of your circadian rhythm.


The concept is simple: light controls your natural sleep-wake cycle, which will empower you to make the most of natural light during the day to stay, active, energized and alert, and it will help you avoid harmful blue light at night. Preparing you for a good night’s sleep. We design the product the tracks light in the same way as your eyes, the news app gives you a social insights, an actionable feedback that will empower you to take control of your personal light intake and manage your habits to improve your general well-being and the quality Of your sleep in a natural way, our mission is to bring modern living back in sync with nature. We have to sign dues to fit you and your lifestyle. It’S a small coin size wearable with a discreet clip, making it easy to wear in various ways.

The battery lasts for seven days on a single charge and we decided used to be water resistant and long-lasting by casing Lucinda’s charge at night. You can also measure the light surrounding you. While you sleep, hi, cakes, Bella, my name is Christina. Would you naked eye? You conjure up swear, the delight you receive is healthy or unhealthy, and this is why you need loose my team and I have been working intensely with leading software developers, hardware, engineers, scientists, doctors and designers to develop an accurate, affordable and user-friendly product for you.

This kind of technology has previously been used in scientific research, a highly specialized medical products, but never in everyday personal use. We’Re now bringing loots a light measuring wearable to you and we think you’re gon na love, it [ Music ]. Earlier this year, we tested a loose prototype with over 100 test participants across the world. The results were remarkable news reminded users to make simple improvements in the daily routine, from eating lunch by the window to turning off bright lights at night, the data collected showed that the average time to fall asleep went down from 27 to 16 minutes, just like the Users, energy levels tripled – and this was just after 3:00 – some use English with the use of feedback in mind. We made some final improvements and adjustments. 10 COOL NEW GADGETS YOU NEED TO SEE

We’Re now ready to bring this to life, and we need your help. Lucius a technically advanced project, which means that the tooling and manufacturing costs are significant. The money we’re raising goes directly into moving from prototype to production. Our world-class manufacturers are ready. All we need is your support to start so join us today support our Kickstarter campaign and together, let’s bring money living back in sync with nature: [, Music, ], you water, is the fundamental source of life and we all want to be sure we are drinking the Best water possible mitr created the world’s first smart water system that delivers you safe and healthy water.

Inspired by nature, mitr reproduces the natural water cycle through evaporation, condensation and mineralization meter brings you healthy water directly in your kitchen, healthy waters through things clean purified, water and enhanced with minerals. Mitr gets rid of everything bad and puts a lot of good in it. Mit has been designed and tested going through a thousand hours of 3d printing for working prototypes, just to arrive at the final model and to make sure that you get the healthiest water meters, proprietary purification technology, first rules, all the contaminants like bacterias and viruses, even hormones And nitrates water from it is 60 times cleaner than from a picture, filter and three times cleaner than a reverse osmosis system. After purification the waters and hands through a mineral cartridge, you can personalize the water. You want to drink soft with low minerals, crisp, high mineral water and alkaline with high pH. 10 COOL NEW GADGETS YOU NEED TO SEE

The result is always a perfectly balanced, mineralized water of your choice, maybe you’re like Anna and she wants what’s best for children. Mittal helps her difficult, the healthiest and safest water. She also cares about the environment and meter allows her to get rid of all plastic bottles well like Katherine. Who cares deeply about her health and well-being, she’s obsessed with team and with meter she’s sure it will always be the perfect temperature, or maybe in film or like Philip who’s passionate about his performance, the minerals and nutrients and the water flow meter will help him with His diet and this training he’s also a technology enthusiast with an app that tracks and monitors the water quality and automatically since new cartridges whenever you need them. This is what mentor offers the right healthy water for you designed and engineered here in Berlin.

Germany, MIT is ready to give you access to healthy water. The way it’s meant to be I’m or it’s, the CEO of MIT and part of this fantastic team from 13 different countries. We came together for one simple goal: to improve lives with healthy water supporters and kick started today and be the first to get this beautiful machine at home. Together we can change water worldwide, [, Music ]. How many times have you been outside the waist? 10 COOL NEW GADGETS YOU NEED TO SEE

You could pull along will. Let me for you now you can I’m Rob in this game. We serve together in the Rings and now we’re working on a new project like it really pulls your buddy down. Oh, that feels amazing. That’S like the worst spot is on your back.

Initially, it’s wrapping the emergency room three times people need after it’s done, noisy it’s good. I don’t even hear yeah that does work yeah. That’S really good! That’S like the spot to a creative flow to have a positive impact on other people’s lives. Whether you’re dealing with multiple sclerosis, menopause or any activity that keeps your bad side by combining airflow with aromatherapy blow allows essential oil users to bring the health benefits of their diffuser.

On-The-Go. Use it to cool off during a variety of activities such as running hiking, biking. Working out and anything else with the battery lasting four to eight hours, slow is easily rechargeable with a microUSB. It has three speeds and it’s hands-free, so you can multitask and – and I received numerous awards in the Marines and now we teamed up with the supervisors and engineers that specialized manufacturing we’re so excited winds blow to the Kickstarter community. Help us make our dream a reality. 10 COOL NEW GADGETS YOU NEED TO SEE

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